Shea Moisture + the Trans-Racial Party

At this point in history, we’ve had a Black president, a bomb ass beautiful brown sister as the only first lady I’ll over love and now we have Nkechi Amare Diallo scamming her way into Blackness and landing a role as the head of marketing at Shea Moisture. So this Shea Moisture karfunkel happened and […]

Thank You White People…

Thank you for reminding the world how much you hated me. I had hope in America and we know that hope is a powerful drug. Cold turkey, I am now hopeless. Thank you.

The Make Money Quick Webinar Scam

Entrepreneurship is the new way of life. After the 2008 recession many of us turned to controlling our finances through building our own companies. I am all for encouraging people to consider entrepreneurship, there is much value in it and a great form of wealth (not just financial) to pass on to your family. But […]

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review | #OITNB

Where to begin with season 4 of Orange is the New Black. I marathoned through this season on a Monday, having passively watched the first half to the season that Saturday without really paying attention. Then I got to episode 8 and realized it was getting real, so I rewinded back to the beginning to give […]

The Idiocy of Raven-Symone

We’ve been here before, too many times before with Raven-Symoné spewing ignorance that she thinks is witty humor. We all tilt our heads, slanting our eyes and furrowing our brows into an epic side eye as we collectively exhale at the idiocy of Raven-Symone. Whether she is telling us that she is not Black or African […]

White Feminism, Fragility and the Flowery Scent of Ignorance

I am exhausted, tired of being tired, and worn down with the constant ignorance that has made a bombastic return in the 2015s. Maybe I am just more aware, considering my profession and the causes I attach myself to. Maybe I was previously until 2015, living in a bubble of dainty, suburban shallowness, where Black […]