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Why Black People Don’t Travel to Africa

The Black people travel movement has definitely picked up stem in the past few years. It’s beautiful to see Black people traveling all over the world. But one of the questions that has been persistent is why Black people don’t travel to Africa. And what are really asking is why African Americans are not traveling to sub-saharan African countries that aren’t South Africa. This question has largely bubbled off in the "diaspora wars" of Twitter, where too many uniformed voices are amplified. It constantly pops up in Facebook Travel groups where people are blind to their own privilege that allows
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Travel to Cuba: Catching a Flight + Visa From the United States

Cuba, Cuba! The new destination for Americans after Obama lifted major travel restrictions that have been in place since the United States, under John F. Kennedy placed an embargo on the island of Cuba. I took advantage of very cheap flight prices to spend this past Christmas and New Years basking in the glory of Cuba, and though I typically do a vlog of my whole trip before I give out any tips, since traveling to Cuba is such a hot button topic, I’m getting the tips out first. I loved loved loved Cuba! However, I totally understand Cuban’s frustration
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#BrownGirlsTravel | Austin to Houston #Kia Roadtrip w/ Evelyn from the Internet

#BrownGirlsTravel is here to inspire young women to get out the house, out of their local surroundings and explore the world around them, no matter how small the trip. This past June, I took a road trip with Evelyn From the Internets through two popular cities in South Texas, Austin & Houston. Austin, Texas is the capital of Texas but its better known for its burgeoning entrepreneurial scene, good music and even better food selections. Houston is the epicenter of African-American culture and the home of Beyoncè, how grand! We were blessed with a Kia Soul via DriveSTI to test
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