Shea Moisture + the Trans-Racial Party

At this point in history, we’ve had a Black president, a bomb ass beautiful brown sister as the only first lady I’ll over love and now we have Nkechi Amare Diallo scamming her way into Blackness and landing a role as the head of marketing at Shea Moisture. So this Shea Moisture karfunkel happened and […]

The Make Money Quick Webinar Scam

Entrepreneurship is the new way of life. After the 2008 recession many of us turned to controlling our finances through building our own companies. I am all for encouraging people to consider entrepreneurship, there is much value in it and a great form of wealth (not just financial) to pass on to your family. But […]

Tips on Buying Clothes from Chinese Vendors

Have you been wondering how bloggers/vloggers get ahold of all these cute clothes for lookbooks and OOTDs? Ever click the various links and be directed to a super cheap website with petite Asian girls modeling the clothes? Were you wary about throwing them you’re coin for that maxi you wanted and they were retailing […]

The Hair Vitamin Swindle: Do They Really Work?

Preface: I didn’t mention this in the video or the article, but I do NOT think it is the responsibility of YouTubers (bloggers, etc.,) to hold the companies responsible for their marketing. This is a business, and I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle. I simply wish the companies took the time to overall be more genuine […]