Single & Attractive Women Can Have Casual Sex Without Consenting to Rape

Casual Sex Is Not Consent to Rape

ArtParasite posted an article submitted anonymously entitled THE UGLY SIDE OF BEING A SINGLE, ATTRACTIVE AND AVAILABLE HETEROSEXUAL WOMAN, where a young woman details her encounters with men who have sexually mistreated her. Who have assaulted her right was a consenting partner in casual sex to force her to do things she did not want […]

The Aftermath of Being a Victim of Rape | #SmartBrownGirl

What moment did the memory hit me? It was something mundane, that led me down the road, reminding me of that time. That suppressed emotion. Turkey sandwiches, that was it. I was thinking of a homeboy who has gone on to be very successful and thinking, why did I never date him? There were hints […]

On Moving On: Perpendicular Contradictions

I guess it’s time for me to post the second part to On Rape:¬†Perpendicular¬†Contradictions. I’m more trepidatious about posting this part because it’s so surreal as is most of my life when I set out to retell it to other people. It doesn’t all make sense, though in the moment – as I lived it […]

On Rape: Perpendicular Contradictions

I wrote a book a while ago. Well started to write one, mostly about my emotional experiences around coming of age in New York City. It’s a grand city that with all it’s new life experiences will smuggly take so much from you. I still love it, as I assimilated fast to the cultural syncapation […]