Thank You Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

What some will never understand is the daily strength it takes to be a Black woman, in a space history has dictated is only for white women.  Last week, we saw the last day we got to live through Barack Obama as our sitting president.But more importantly and more saddening is that was the last day Michelle Obama […]

Do You Have to Vote?

This election is triggering for many people, myself included. To wake up and watch a demagogue reignite white nationalism having a vocal place in American politics is frightening. You wake up in a world that ostensibly hates your being. Your congenial neighbor’s privilege blinds them from seeing how they are attempting to snuff you out. […]

On Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton…

On Thursday I posted a video entitled “Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton…,” it’s a break down on my thought process behind who I voted for in the Democrat primaries for president. I’ve since been accused of clickbaiting, being full of bullshit, clueless because I am lightskin, in dire need of views, called a cunt […]

Popsnark Eps 6 | Ferguson, Rape & Don Lemon the Coon

#PopSnark is a weekly discussion on everything from the low brow to the high brow, as long as your eyebrows are on fleek. Brought to you by the #SmartBrownGirl shirts and my book #SendItOn, the perfect holiday gifts! Thanks for all your support! I’m so happy to see all the #SmartBrownGirls and Dudes 🙂 who […]