#SmartBrownGirl Q&A w/ Gina Paige @AfricanAncestry

Cheers to the second #SmartBrownGirl Live Q&A! This go round we speak with the entrepreneur behind African Ancestry DNA testing, Gina Paige. I recently took the African Ancestry test to trace my maternal African lineage and was quite surprised with the results. As with any DNA genealogy testing there’s always a good bit of questions […]

#BTVF – Suna L., Johnson & Johnson Scientist

My jaw hurts because I’ve been smiling so hard at my computer screen the entire time it took me to edit down 1.5 hours of footage to this 20-minute interview. I really want to drop all types of expletives to explain the level at which this young lady makes me so proud to call her […]

#SmartBrownGirl Q&A w/ Lena Waithe @HillmanGrad – TV|Film Writer/Producer

The first ever #SmartBrownGirl Q&A and it was Live! Big ting a gwan! Super happy to be able to introduce Lena Waithe to my audience as she is on the rise in a very big way. I don’t even know if that encapsulates the buzz around her and the success she has already achieved as a young woman […]