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On Giving & Receiving Criticism as a #SmartBrownGirl

Part of being a #SmartBrownGirl is always striving to do better, even in areas that are not easy to confront. Criticism is high up on the chart of difficult to broach subjects and post my Lack of Support and Losing Friends post, I've had every intention of covering this topic. But it's touchy, so I delayed but we are finally here. The Lack of Support video got a ton of support, the feedback was largely in agreeance and grateful that I shared my story. There were a handful of people who flat out suggested I don't know how to take
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On Beauty & Self-Esteem

I haven't updated this blog in a minute! I promise I'm going to get better. Life has been super hectic and I'm not the best with time management. I always feel like I can be doing so much more, but somehow I end up in bed and fall asleep. I moved to DC, started a new job, threw a successful hair event (still can't believe that!), celebrated my sorority's Centennial Convention (and the $600 I paid to register) all in the past month. My mind is spinning. I wanted to emphasis our individual ability to create and control our own
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