In Search of the Black Girls in the Creative Industry | The Conference

Where are all the Black girls in the arts? How many Black girls came of age being told that the only prospect in pursuing the arts was to invest in training that leaves you as a starving artist. There are only a few lucky ones. That little Black girl had better bets to make than […]

#BTVF – Suna L., Johnson & Johnson Scientist

My jaw hurts because I’ve been smiling so hard at my computer screen the entire time it took me to edit down 1.5 hours of footage to this 20-minute interview. I really want to drop all types of expletives to explain the level at which this young lady makes me so proud to call her […]

#AskJouelzy: On Growing Up in a Jehovah’s Witness Household

Controversial topic on deck! I’ve passingly noted that I grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness household so every month I get a few emails asking me to speak on my experience. I’ve been hesitant to do a video on it because I respect my family and any time you mention JWs folks tend to come […]

4 Tips for College Students

Hi, I’m Jouelzy and I care about the babies. I also can’t stand the treacherous Sallie Mae and I thought I would impart some words of wisdom onto the youngins. If you’re a parent with a young adult child, share this video with them too! I’m not that far off from my college years, though […]