#Lemonade : The Cultural References & Critique

Beyonce’s Lemonade, was presented to us with so many layers. This is not only an album, but Beyonce is reworking how we consume albums. In an age, where albums are driven by the viability of their singles. When was the last time you consumed an album like this? On a Saturday night at 9pm, on premium cable? Mind you HBO, […]

Cultural References & Critique of Beyonce’s Formation

Beyonce came thru this weekend disrupting all our lives and our Facebook newsfeed. And I’m sitting here, still waiting for someone to answer, “what happened after n’walins?” Beyonce will forever be polarizing, simply because she is a Black woman who carefully controls her image and is the biggest pop star, if not celebrity of our […]

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Recap

I have not watched much TV since getting to Accra in November. But I was missing Being Mary Jane so badly, that I burned the last few gigs on my Surfline Wi-Fi to catch up on Season 3 of Being Mary Jane. Girl, and I am soooooo happy that I did. The last review I […]

Living in Fear & the Blame of Obedience

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/NBCNews/videos/1228861243800570/” width=”600″ height=”338″ onlyvideo=”1″] I entirely despise how many Americans believe that creating a society where we live in a state of perpetual fear is the way to a better United States. Do you hate your neighbor that much? We’ve removed the idea of compassion and empathy to replace it with react first, think later. […]

Are You Frustrated With the Word ‘Female’?

Female, a word that seemingly has been a part of our everyday vernacular since forever, is the latest hot-button topic in the war regarding what you can and cannot say. Earlier this year, Jezebel’s Kara Brown singled out the problem with calling women “females,” unpacking how the term made her feel. Then, most recently on MTV’s […]

White Feminism, Fragility and the Flowery Scent of Ignorance

I am exhausted, tired of being tired, and worn down with the constant ignorance that has made a bombastic return in the 2015s. Maybe I am just more aware, considering my profession and the causes I attach myself to. Maybe I was previously until 2015, living in a bubble of dainty, suburban shallowness, where Black […]