#PopSnark 42: Retrograde Got Us F*cked Up

It’s time for another #PopSnark, where we talk about everything from the low brow to the high brow as long as your eyebrows are on fleek. Clink clink clink claaaaaank. This might be the quickest turnaround ever to me putting out consecutive #PopSnarks. But all these planets in retrogrades got people and the universe doing THE absolute most. Where do we even begin. Mary J. Blige gave a great interview to Angie Martinez where she opened up about her divorce from the ain’t shit Kendu. It’s always been Mary’s candid realness that has made her so endearing. Share my world...don’t
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Cultural References & Critique of Beyonce’s Formation

Beyonce came thru this weekend disrupting all our lives and our Facebook newsfeed. And I’m sitting here, still waiting for someone to answer, “what happened after n’walins?” Beyonce will forever be polarizing, simply because she is a Black woman who carefully controls her image and is the biggest pop star, if not celebrity of our time. In "Formation" she dropped a music video that is an ode to her roots as a Black woman from Texas. It was Black af, Texas — well Houston, Texas af and a declaration to remind us that while she’s transcended to utmost status of celebrity
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