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My 2019 Reading List

Following up on my what I read in 2018 video, here's a my ever evolving reading list for 2019. To be noted, I am working towards applying for my PhD in African American History this year. Which means my reading list is going to skew towards academic/black feminist history reading. Since I've recorded this video I've already added about fifty eleven books to mist because well...research. via GIPHY I am conscious of my privilege and access, part of that translate into how I suggest books for my audience. Most of this list is inaccessible, in that the readings are complicated
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TV/Film Reviews

Underground Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Review | @UndergroundWGN

My birthday was last weekend, March 25th, so I apologize for the supreme tardiness of this reviews. I'm putting together a whole video on Ernestine because her storyline these season is highlighting so many struggles of Black women's narratives throughout history and it's important, very important. Similar to what I discussed in Beyonce's Grammy performance and the image of Black motherhood. That Ernestine video will be up on my YouTube channel top of next week, along with a blog post because there is so much context to discuss. Click play for the latest review and help me out with some of
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African American in West Africa: First Impressions

I've been in Ghana for going on three weeks, spending a week traveling through Togo and it's already been an amazing experience. So I thought it would be a fun and interesting conversation to talk about my first impressions as an African American in West Africa. In America we take for granted the beautiful shades of dark(er) brown. Travelling through Sokode and Bassar in North Togo, places that are not easily accessible to non-Togolese, I’ve never felt so melanin deficient. Every one is glorious shades of deep dark brown, with various hues of purple, yellow, red undertones. It’s just a random thought that in
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