On Trying Ghanaian Food

End of last year I spent two months in Accra, Ghana. No, I am not Ghanaian or identifiably West African though my family, like many other Blacks in America, is the descendant of West African slaves. I saw enough people in Accra that looked like cousins, uncles, and familiar friends to reaffirm the trans-Atlantic connection. […]

African American in West Africa: First Impressions

I’ve been in Ghana for going on three weeks, spending a week traveling through Togo and it’s already been an amazing experience. So I thought it would be a fun and interesting conversation to talk about my first impressions as an African American in West Africa. In America we take for granted the beautiful shades of dark(er) brown. […]

On Trying Nigerian Food at a Restaurant…

I’ve recently relocated from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas. Really I prefer saying that I relocated from the East Coast to Houston because I grew up in Delaware and then spent most of my 20’s in Brooklyn, New York. This is all relevant to the story of my recent venture to a Nigerian restaurant in […]