On Dealing w/ Hurt Feelings: A Long Ass Note…

I posted a snippet of this on Instagram the other day. If you didn’t know, now you know. I is crazy. I give not a single fuck. I’m going to live how I want to live and that’s just it. I believe in honesty. That’s how I communicate. That’s how I choose to deal. And […]

On Moving On: Perpendicular Contradictions

I guess it’s time for me to post the second part to On Rape: Perpendicular Contradictions. I’m more trepidatious about posting this part because it’s so surreal as is most of my life when I set out to retell it to other people. It doesn’t all make sense, though in the moment – as I lived it […]

On Rape: Perpendicular Contradictions

I wrote a book a while ago. Well started to write one, mostly about my emotional experiences around coming of age in New York City. It’s a grand city that with all it’s new life experiences will smuggly take so much from you. I still love it, as I assimilated fast to the cultural syncapation […]

A Means to an End

In a past life I use to write alot. I have a compilation of short stores, mostly dealing with relationships that one of these days I’m going to finish and maybe publish, that I have finally published. Send It On, is a collection of short stories available for purchase here. Last week’s episode of Scandal reminded me […]