Let’s Talk About Black Panther

It took me forever and a day to get up a Black Panther review but it is finally, FINALLY here. And yes I am talking a mile a minute cause my brain is going 5 ways to the wind with everything whirling, so turn on the captions and grab you a drink. I talked through […]

On: What The Health…WTF?

The Netflix documentary is the latest viral documentary tackling the American food complex and every one of us has had a bevy of Facebook friends announcing they were going cold turkey vegan…or is it cold tofu vegan? Produced by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, who are also the minds behind Cowspiracy, What the Healthy (WTH) […]

Insecure Season Two Episode Two “Hella Questions” Review

Insecure’s soundtrack is craftily selected and perfectly place songs. It looks like we’re going to be bodyrolling to season two the whole damn time. On the “nebulous fuck” as Issa describes the 10 second pelvic banging she did with Lawrence to Molly. hazy does some to be an accurate description. Issa ain’t so much as […]

Insecure Season Two Episode One “Hella Great” Review

There is something truly miraculous about a show created by Black women, largely produced by Black women, managing to create a character that Black men can rally behind. Hilarious because the #LawrenceHive entirely exists as a means for Black men to build a wall that protects their own insecurities and ain’t shit ways. The truth […]

Underground Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Cato the Black Devil

This should have been up yesterday but retrograde gonna retrograde and here we is. I can still feel accomplished I didn’t skip a week and combine reviews, that this is for one whole episode that was really good. Cato is forced to enter into a deal with Patsy that has him kidnapping free Black man […]

Ernestine, Black Women, Their Body & Drug Abuse | @UndergroundWGN

Ernestine in season two is in the midst of major torment as she has been sold to a South Carolina plantation, fallen into a physically abusive relationship with another field slave and is sniffing ether to pass through the days of doing hard labor in the swampy fields. Her past sins and guilts are haunting […]

Underground Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Review | @UndergroundWGN

My birthday was last weekend, March 25th, so I apologize for the supreme tardiness of this reviews. I’m putting together a whole video on Ernestine because her storyline these season is highlighting so many struggles of Black women’s narratives throughout history and it’s important, very important. Similar to what I discussed in Beyonce’s Grammy performance and […]

Underground Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Review | @UndergroundWGN

I heard you, I heard  you, so here we is. I have figured out a way to give you what you want and show my gratitude for my awesome audience of #SmartBrownGirl. I will be reviewing Underground on my blog. It took me a minute to get on board and this week is my birthday, hence the […]

Greenleaf Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Self-Righteous Are Not Upright

Greenleaf season two episode one review by Jouelzy a top African American female writer and vlogger

Surprise, surprise, I’ll be doing reviews of the second season of OWN Tv’s Greenleaf. Thank god for the marketing push that had me spend my whole weekend obsesses, absorbed with watching the first season of Greenleaf on Netflix. It is that good. And since Being Mary Jane was so damn wacktastic this season (you can […]

Being Mary Jane S4E1 Review: Too Much Sex in the New City

Originally published on TheRoot.com Being Mary Jane is back for a fourth season, and Mary Jane Paul is still pompously lacking in self-awareness. While we open to M.J.’s 6-inch heels sauntering down the hallway to a sexy song, it doesn’t take long for M.J. to almost completely unravel in her most vulnerable space: her sexuality […]

Review of Ava Duvernay’s Documentary 13th

Ava Duvernay’s talent is unmistakable. 13th (released on Netflix) is a beautifully depressing historical look at the criminalization of Black people in America, which holds 1/4th of the incarcerated population in the world. 13th is absolutely heavy, almost a reverse catharsis. Part of me is deeply relieved that a Black woman came through and did what Tariq […]

Birth of a Nation Is A Mediocre Snoozefest

Folks are tiring of the conversation around Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, a film that started out this year with much hype and has since been marred in controversy. Previously I published a video analyzing the Penn State rape case that involved Parker and his BOAN co-writer Jean Celestin in the late nineties. Since this conversation […]

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Review | #OITNB

Where to begin with season 4 of Orange is the New Black. I marathoned through this season on a Monday, having passively watched the first half to the season that Saturday without really paying attention. Then I got to episode 8 and realized it was getting real, so I rewinded back to the beginning to give […]

A Review of Roots 2016, Very Late

Do we call this a redux, reboot, redo? The new Roots miniseries that aired in four parts about two weeks ago. I’ve been getting a ton of requests, so I finally conceded. I just ask that you support, share it, like it, comment, watch an ad and/or become a Patron. Cause yes, doing the Underground […]