Did Africans Sells Us Into Slavery | A Sentiment Heard in the “Diaspora Wars”

Let’s delve into another complex discussion within the African Diaspora. Africans selling their own people, us — into slavery. And do African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, any of the modern day descendants of enslaved Africans in the Americas, have the right to hold modern day Africans accountable? I’ve seen this sentiment bubbling over on Twitter and certain […]

Why Black People Don’t Travel to Africa

The Black people travel movement has definitely picked up stem in the past few years. It’s beautiful to see Black people traveling all over the world. But one of the questions that has been persistent is why Black people don’t travel to Africa. And what are really asking is why African Americans are not traveling […]

My 7 Week Trip to Ghana as an African American

Finally getting around to talking in full, about my trip last year to Ghana, where I spent roughly seven weeks chilling in Accra. Yes it took me forever and a day to get to this, but here we  are.  I originally landed in Ghana, because I was part of an influencer group heading to Togo […]

Are We Misappropriating the Term ‘Hotep’?

This article was originally published on TheRoot.com. At the time of publication there were a number of people offended by what they read as me saying that Ausar Auset Society and its founder were misogynistic and homophobic. This is not what the article states. The consternation comes from the fifth and sixth paragraph which names […]

Let’s Dead This Convo on African Americans Appropriating African Cultures

It has been about a year to the date when the internet was taken by storm when a young British Nigerian told African Americans to stop cultural appropriating African culture. She was ignited by a picture from AfroPunk of some melanin rich folks rocking wears from the diaspora. And the conversation has kept on going […]

On Trying Ghanaian Food

End of last year I spent two months in Accra, Ghana. No, I am not Ghanaian or identifiably West African though my family, like many other Blacks in America, is the descendant of West African slaves. I saw enough people in Accra that looked like cousins, uncles, and familiar friends to reaffirm the trans-Atlantic connection. […]

African American in West Africa: First Impressions

I’ve been in Ghana for going on three weeks, spending a week traveling through Togo and it’s already been an amazing experience. So I thought it would be a fun and interesting conversation to talk about my first impressions as an African American in West Africa. In America we take for granted the beautiful shades of dark(er) brown. […]

Are Black Americans Appropriating African Culture?

Appropriation. The latest word every one wants to use, hurling it at one another with faux intellect. As soon as you see it in an article or headline, you sigh because it’s either, “I can’t believe they [as in white people] are pulling this stunt again [side eye],” or it’s a tiring and confusing tirade […]

Solo Travel to Johannesburg, South Africa [Tips & Notes] | #SmartBrownGirl

This past March, due the graces of the Etihad airfare glitch, I traveled to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. It was an awesome trip and I was super happy to finally meet up with my South African #SmartBrownGirls. An unintentional solo trip, I spent five days in Johannesburg and two + half days in Cape […]

#SmartBrownGirl Q&A w/ Gina Paige @AfricanAncestry

Cheers to the second #SmartBrownGirl Live Q&A! This go round we speak with the entrepreneur behind African Ancestry DNA testing, Gina Paige. I recently took the African Ancestry test to trace my maternal African lineage and was quite surprised with the results. As with any DNA genealogy testing there’s always a good bit of questions […]

My @AfricanAncestry Results

I’ve been dabbling in exploring my genealogy. After I took the 23andMe DNA test and did a video on my ancestry results with them, quite a few recommended that I take the African Ancestry test which traces your actual ethnic group if you have African ancestry. Many Black Americans have complex views on their link […]

On Trying Nigerian Food at a Restaurant…

I’ve recently relocated from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas. Really I prefer saying that I relocated from the East Coast to Houston because I grew up in Delaware and then spent most of my 20’s in Brooklyn, New York. This is all relevant to the story of my recent venture to a Nigerian restaurant in […]

My 23andMe Ancestry DNA Results #TracingRoots

Post my video with Evelyn From the Internets on the relationship and cultural differences of Africans in America and African Americans (or Black Americans as some prefer), we sparked a very interesting conversation on YouTube. Tons of personal and introspective comments were posted on the video as folks detailed how they deal with their cultural […]

A Book Review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda has become quite the literary darling especially with the co-sign and feature on Beyoncé’s most recent album. Post my tweet chat and video on the relationships between African and African Americans, quite a few folks recommended that I read her latest novel, Americanah. I picked Americanah up along with Half of a Yellow Sun, […]