Disrespecting My Time is a Problem and a Lesson

I hate when people waste my time in ways that could have been prevented. I especially hate when those people look like me, are people who I want to uplift and respect but instead I’m looking at my phone trying to figure out how to even process the bullsh*t. How often am I inclined to […]

How to Write & Self-Publish A Book

Almost two years ago I self published my first book, Send It On, a collection of short stories. I am a horrible self-promoter and haven’t spoken much about the book or the process behind publishing. Since every one can’t get a land a book deal like your favorite YouTubers, I’m here to give you a very highly […]

The Fear of Success | #SmartBrownGirl

The fear of success is a peculiar feeling to try and articulate, though it is something that many of us deal with multiple times in our life journeys. Its been an ongoing thing for me, and a constant conversation of half sentences and mumbled words trying to place exactly what this insecurity is, what is […]

Turning Your Ideas into an Online Shop | Tech Tuesday

Since launching the #SmartBrownGirl line of t-shirts and sweatshirts, I’ve been receiving questions about how did I take an idea, produce and then sell it. So I dedicated this #TechTuesday to answering all those questions and providing a few extra tips to help folks get their ideas off the ground and selling. 1. Google.com is […]

#BTVF – Suna L., Johnson & Johnson Scientist

My jaw hurts because I’ve been smiling so hard at my computer screen the entire time it took me to edit down 1.5 hours of footage to this 20-minute interview. I really want to drop all types of expletives to explain the level at which this young lady makes me so proud to call her […]

#BTVF: From the Grammy’s to Tech Start-Up w/ Devon Harris

#BTVF is Behind the Valencia Filter, where I profile successful people of color in industries that are not glamorized by the mainstream. This one sits more on the fringe of that sentiment but I felt it was still a worthwhile interview to bring to my audience. Devon Harris, formerly known as Devo Springsteen, is a […]

#BTVF: Interview w/ Dr. Kareem Merrick, DDS [Dentist]

The #BTVF: Behind the Valencia Filter series showcases successful Black professionals in industries that are often overlooked because mainstream likes to glamorize life in 2D. This episode features a college friend, Dr. Kareem Merrick, DDS. Dr. Merrick is a graduate of Howard University (both undergrad and School of Dentistry) and he currently practices in New […]

#JouelzyTech: Tips for Good SEO & Why Online Branding is BS

I ain’t forget about you doh! Tech Tuesdays (or Thursdays or whatever day I actually get to hitting the publish button) is back at. #JouelzyTech is ready to roll. I’ve been unduly slacking, but I loves you and so this tech video is finally one for all peoples, just not YouTube content creators. We’re talking […]

Tech Tuesdays: Tips on Building a Successful YouTube Channel & Growing Your Audience

Second video in my #jouelzytech tip series. I’ll be catching up soon! Life man, sometime it just gets ahead of you. But here’s my tips on building a successful youtube channel and working towards growing your audience. When should you start your channel? Whenever you want! There’s no better time than now. Don’t stress about […]

Catch Up!: #JouelzyTech | YouTube, Networks & Google+

Did you miss my first #jouelzytech Tweet chat? I got you covered, here is the feed with the most pertinent info I discussed. You can also check the #jouelzytech hashtag on Twitter for some of the additional commentary and questions that I answered. Be sure to catch the next one, every 3rd Tuesday of the […]

Tech Tuesdays: Tips & Info on Joining YouTube Networks While Being a Brown Girl

In honor of Black History Month, every Tuesday I’ll be posting a video on Technology and using the Internets to your benefit for the month of February, culminating with a tech tweetchat on Tuesday, February 18th @ 7:30pm EST! First video up was inspired by Chescaleigh’s How YouTubers Make Money video, where I left a […]

#BTVF: Interview w/ Jovian Zayne [Teach for America]

Beyond the Valencia Filter [#BTVF] is a new series, where I’ll be showcasing people who have reached success that isn’t often portrayed in the social media infatuated world where success means jet setting, exotic locations and heavily filtered pictures. My first feature is Jovian Zayne, Managing Director of Teach for America. This is a two […]