In this episode of #FocusOnTheState, I sat down with my state senator, Jeff Jackson who sits on the North Carolina state legislature. Jackson was very gracious (and charming) in availing himself for this interview to break down what is role as a state politician is, and how I’m impacted as one of his constituents. He really highlights the significant impact state legislatures have, even though they are largely overlooked in the conversation of voting that springs up every four years around the presidential election.

This interview is a great roadmap for anyone looking to become more informed about their state politics. How do I learn about my state politics? How do I get involved in my city, county or state politics? Which elected officials draft the laws we see being challenged during the protests? Check out this informative interview and get ready to take notes.

I apologize in advance for the audio issues in the middle of the video, as this was the first interview I recorded. But there are captions on the video, so turn them and hopefully the echo isn’t too bad.

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