Following up on my what I read in 2018 video, here’s a my ever evolving reading list for 2019. To be noted, I am working towards applying for my PhD in African American History this year. Which means my reading list is going to skew towards academic/black feminist history reading. Since I’ve recorded this video I’ve already added about fifty eleven books to mist because well…research.


I am conscious of my privilege and access, part of that translate into how I suggest books for my audience. Most of this list is inaccessible, in that the readings are complicated with antiquated language and complex syntax. They are meant to be read in classrooms, study groups or amongst an intellectual peer group where you can discuss your readings. It is okay if you have an easier time reading fiction. Fiction opens the door to so many people and starts the process of pulling the intelligence out of a person, because we all have it within us. Often times, when I am reading a heavier book, I pick up a fiction book that helps keep me motivated in my reading. Balances it all out.

Without further ado, here is my current reading list. Someone please take my Amazon account away from me until I get through the bulk of these books! Ashe ☺️

*Denotes books I am reading in preparation for my PhD application.