It’s March and 25 days out until my birthday. Forever and day when I reflect on what I can do better it has always been: write more. But being the queen of procrastination I find every which way to never get around to it. To the point, that for the best two years I’ve almost slowed down on my writing to the point of stopping. Sans the writing and research I do for my YouTube videos, I’ve entirely let my blog and writing for publications go to the wayside. The work I do on YouTube is great (and time-consuming) but remember Micheal Eric Dyson’s petty purple prose of a takedown against Cornel West? While amused by how many times I had to right click a word and ask Google to “Define”, one point really stuck with me. That “…there are limits on what speaking can do for someone trying to wrestle angels or battle demons to the page. […] For scholars, there is a depth that can only be tapped through the rigorous reworking of the same sentences until the meaning comes clean—or as clean as one can make it.” Then my stream of consciousness connects that to when Evelyn called on the words of Ira Glass in one of my favorite VEDA videos, “the only way we can have our creation match our imagination is if we just keep making the thing.”

Since March has always been a reflective month for me, because oh my gosh I am getting older I am in my thirties and men are still…nevermind, that’s derailing. To the point, cause it’s my birthday because there is always room for me to do better and in my thirty-third rotation around the sun I want to be more intentional about pushing my to-do list of things that should be routine into actual praxis. With that said, every day this month I am committing to not only blogging each day but having these posts be the first thing I do each day. I need a morning routine because organization stresses me out (that’ll definitely be a post later this month) and I am hoping this will help me to flex my mind,  produce better content across the board and maximize my productivity. Part of being a good writer is reading, another thing I’ve been slacking on. So let’s do this and I hope that my audience of #SmartBrownGirls will join me this month. You can post in the comments (long entries welcome if you don’t have a blog of your own), comment on the Facebook post (same same w/ long entries again) or hit me in the comments, Facebook or Twitter with links to your blog post for the day. Let’s make it communal and supportive. And absolutely please do hold me to my word. You know I stay slipping.

I’m excited with a good dash of anxiety about doing this for the month of March. But I absolutely believe it will make me better in the end. Lettuce pray I become better at editing my writing, as well. Teehee 😉