Giggle with me, because anyone who has followed me over the past three years likely believes I cannot be satiated by any city. You might not be wrong. I’m half conscious of how much I “complain” about everywhere I lived. My disdain for Washington, DC went viral, I was indifferent about Houston and my favorite part of Dallas is the airport, a city I otherwise find to be supremely generic. WHERE DO YOU LIKE LIVING JOUELZY?! My friends are constantly asking me about why don’t I just move back to the East Coast. Cause winter, duh and the cost of living is oppressive. I do like my lifestyle in Dallas. Okay, why not Los Angelos or Atlanta? Cause I’m single and I don’t have enough baby hairs nor am I racially ambiguous enough for LA, and I don’t do trades or bottoms so there goes Atlanta, and I don’t want to end up having to date a white guy… Everybody rolls their eyes at me.

I love being transient, getting up and going. I do love to travel and I’m constantly mentally working through how much what I view as “settling down” is based on what society tells me versus how I actually enjoy living. We really don’t have many models, especially for Black women, that show us different ways of life. It wasn’t until I got into travel groups on Facebook that I heard of people decidedly co-parenting with a person they had no desire to be in a romantic relationship with and it working. *Mindblown* Every time I think of the single woman who travels a lot, I see an image of a pseudo-spinster filling a void, versus a person who is living their life how they want to. Why am I stuck on that image?

I’m not in a rush to move out of Dallas. I do lack intellectual stimulation here. Not that there aren’t smart or cultured people in Dallas, but making social acquaintances (we really don’t have to be friends, let’s just grab a drink and talk shit) as a person over 30 and as a person who is ME…lol…just ain’t that easy. There are no tips you can give me to make it easier. I’m very specific about who I give my energy to and it what it is. It is okay that I am a critical person who hates living everywhere but loves traveling everywhere. And we’re just going to work on getting more comfortable in that, excising the social norms that tell me I have to stay put, “stabilize,” when I would rather cast a wide net and have a transient community of people who inspire me. I’ll complain about Dallas less, I promise.

March is my birth month, as a reflective time for me I am blogging every day this month. You can catch the posts here. Hopefully, this will help me improve my poor time management, editting skills (if you’re quick to read after I post excuse my errors, takes me a minute to catch them) and inspire more content for my YouTube channel