Here is the list of all the books I read last year, starting with the books that I completed and then the books which I started but did not manage to finish before 2017 was up. You can check out all my previous book lists here.

All the books listed below are books that I enjoyed from¬†beginning to end. They’ve likely been featured in other book lists and I’m also always singing their praises whenever I see people reading the books:

Now for all the books I cracked open but did not complete. These tend to be more philosophical, history research books that demand a certain amount of time to really be read and retained. For many of us who read on our, just remember to not beat up over how slow you read. When reading outside of an academic setting and without a group to really talk through/study these reads, reading intentionally really takes time.

What was your favorite read from 2017 and were there any books you started but were unable to complete? Join in on the conversation below!