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First up is Rachel Dolezal for the second #PopSnark in a row, where we have to discuss this treacherous white womans who is challenging all the social constructs of race and racial phenotype to assert her non-existent Blackness, cause a bish gotta a book deal. Stop sharing the news stories and clips on her. She ain’t nothing more than an opportunistic headache with a book deal. She been cancelled so let us hit the permanent snooze button and ignore her ass.

Dave Chappelle dropped a new comedy performance on Netflix. And with a heavy heart, Dave who I still find witty and humourous is rife with homophobia and transphobia that shows how far removed he is as a wealthy suburban man living in rural Ohio. Damon, of Very Smart Brothas, put it best at – while we don’t expect nor need our comedians to be the of the utmost political correctness, things that we found funny 10 years ago, we societally have grown to a better understanding of their harmfulness. I’m not going to pull up comedy shows from era’s begun to shame them for what is now deemed problematic, as they speak to the time and era they were created in. Richard Pryor might be cringe worthy in 2017, but I understand how he came to popularity in the 60s and 70s. Paul Mooney was my favorite uncle in years bygone, even though Kendrick is now the only hotep I love. The problem is that Dave Chappelle released a comedy performance in 2017 that has not caught up with the time. Tranny jokes aren’t funny or acceptable. The same tropes about sissy and gay men, Dave you’re smarter than those lazy setups.

Kendrick Lamar’s Humble music video. One these clickbait headlines really need to stop doing news stories by ripping people’s tweets out of context. I don’t think Kendrick intended to remind us that Black men are still steeped in blatant misogyny no matter how woke they claim to be. I don’t even think Kendrick is as bad off as the many men I see dismissing any and all critiques of Humble or trying to make parallels to the immense popularity of Bad + Boujee as if Migos was ever heralded as someones to learn from. Like we under and over stand that cooking up dope with an uzi is at the utmost of trappiest illogics. It is the most enjoyable of ignorant songs until Lil Uzi’s verse at which point we change the station. Migos is not being lauded anything like how Kendrick is being lauded as projects himself as seminary.

With Humble Kendrick tried his hand at consciousness aimed to encourage Black woman but that’s bound to fail when your entry into wokeness is steeped in hotep misogyny. The song really isn’t that offensive. I swear folks be taking the two angriest people in the back to write headline heat clickbait like “Black women hate Kendrick Lamar’s Humble” then have the general population arguing over hot air, who are these people who speak of? Everybody don’t articulate on the same level stop taking tweets as standard.

People just had a reaction to one line in the song “Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor/Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks”” in which in the very dope Dave Meyers video. A line about afro like Richard Pryor is visualized with a light skin wavy woman and the stretch marks ass is brown skin sister who’s ass is the only part of her body visible. So the baby hair brigade represents natural beauty and welp…you can now connect the dots. It’s a deserving critique, no one is trying to burn Kendrick at the stake. You trying to claim consciousness then let us make you more aware sis. Ain’t nothing revolutionary about going “natural” when your hair is loose curly and wavy. But we tie Blackness to struggle so much so that the baby hair brigade thinks you revoking their Black card.

The Obamacare repeal failed to gain the momentum #45 promised in Congress. It’s a fail, a big fail and from the Republican congressman admitting they were only adamant about it under Obama cause they knew he would veto it, so the repeal would never pass…to Trump supporters who didn’t know that the Affordable Care Act that gave them health insurance IS Obamacare, to Paul Ryan being the epitome of a mediocre white man. We gotta get these GOP senators and congresspeople out of here in 2018, that means fostering and supporting up and coming politicians who stand for you in your local community. The ACA, Obamacare, whatever you want to call it needs fixing, but repealing it is not the way to go. Especially with the Tom Price who helped draft the supposed bill that would replace the ACA, is now the head of Health and Human services and he’s rolling back guidelines that kept pharmaceutical companies from price gouging consumers. Reform the damn health insurance companies!

In other what has #45 fucked up this month, lest we forgot that racist Jeff Sessions was confirmed as attorney general and therefore is the head of the Justice Department, which has now asked a federal judge in Baltimore to delay the hearing for the deal on the overhaul of the Baltimore Police Department. The Baltimore Police Department that has a very long like pre-civil war tangled history with the policing and kidnapping of Black folks that culminated with Freddie Gray in 2015. Let me repeat for clarity the Jeff Sessions led Justice Department is seeking to impede agreed upon city police department reform, as in the police chief and city officials already done kumbiyahed over the need to reform deviant police practices and the bigotry of #45 is trying to find a way to back paddle. I want to say something snarky about all the folks that want on and on and on about Hillary Clinton and her super predator comment as if that was the lede to mass incarceration but ain’t never said a word about Joe Biden drafting the damn crime bill and now this convalence against HIllary as just evil has us left with this. I know bygones is bygones but the group moving the needle in ensuring police and prison reform actually happen is Black women, the one group Hillary most defintely loves and employs heavily is Black women, cause we do that work, so it really bothers to be to watch the Justice Department crumble back into itself after some great gains and leadway under a black woman as Attorney General. Y’all but now the balance hangs in the hand of a federal judge. Reminding you how valuable judges are to your livelihood and supporting that young black child trying to ascend to law school, uplifting them through the hurdles and then because judges are elected and appointed, supporting their political career. It all starts local. Don’t look up too late, wondering how you and we got here.

If you have not, you must watch the Kalief Browder Documentary on Spike TV. I was already deeply familiar with the Kalief Browder story and still this documentary is hitting me in the gut. The toll it took on his family, how much the system is setup to keep black folk and poor folk in a choke hold. It’s maddening. I’m sure this documentary and the advocacy on behalf of Kalief and his family, has led the mayor of New York City, Bill deBlasio, into announcing the move to close Rikers. It should have long been shut down and I hope NYC actually sees this through.

Porsha’s RHOA Baby Nup is smart af cause it’s not about her being dumb but about what she has on. And everybody walked away from that episode remembering the scenes she finally got to herself with her weave and edges laid, with that cute lingerie on that she’s probably selling on her Instagram. I see you trying to pull the Kardashian swindle but you lack the guidance of Kris Jenner sis.

Bill O’Reilly attempts to shill slander at Maxine Waters wig but his arms ain’t long enough to box with da gawd that is Congresswoman Maxine. O’Reilly responded to her remarks on the House floor, by saying he was so distracted by her James Brown hair. To which da gawd says “I can not be intimidated” yes sis as the book of Philippians says “Don’t be intimidated in any way by your enemies. This will be a sign to them that they are going to be destroyed, but that you are going to be saved, even by God himself.” Let the church say amen, because Congresswoman Waters is a natural treasure.

Tomi Lahren was fired from TheBlaze for being pro-choice, and Toodles Lamey this is hilarious as a blatant attempt to soften her image and ready her for daytime television.

Let’s close on a real deep mmmhmmmm, Chimamanda’s comments on transwomen. I was toying with doing a whole video on this topic, but I really girl…I mean I said I wasn’t talking about trans topics prior, unless I have a trans person accompanying me because I don’t intend to talk over the marginalized and they’re still in shaping their narrative. But it is disheartening to see so many Black women participate in talking over the marginalized, though I should be surprised it happens in such banal discussions as the representation of hair textures, baby hairs and Kendrick telling us not to photoshop our pics. Even as the marginalized we can and do participate in marginalizing others. Now, what I read wrong with the interview was flat out how the question was framed. That white woman was wrong for even suggesting that trans women benefit from male privilege. That belief persists because most of our entry into the awareness of trans identity is through commodification ie: Caitlin Jenner, *cough* Gigi Gorgeous. That distorts and overshadows the true intricate battles that trans people face. I am going to allow the marginalized to speak their piece and work to do better.

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