#PopSnark 33: To Be Not Young But Petty, Black & Dumb

It’s my 33rd PopSnark, thirty three like Jesus, just don’t crucify me for being gone so long. I got back from a 6 week trip to Ghana and I’m still in transition. Mercury in retrograde has been kicking my ass thoroughly. But I’m back at it, with my first video of 2016.

I’m rocking a gele, because I have the aso ebi that I spent too much money on but was unable to wear because I allowed myself to be duped into a 419 (I will have a video on that at a later date). I was able to attend the white wedding of my beautiful soror Eni in Accra and it was an amazing time. Eni let me know that she is a fan of #PopSnark, so in ode to one of the best time’s I had in Accra and to kick off my first video of the year, I’m coming to you in full regale. I shall be embracing my full crazy in 2016.

  • I came back from Ghana and all the YouTube drama was a swirling. Y’all are grown enough to come to your own opinions on the matter, so me doing a whole video on that is a nope. There ain’t nothing to learn from me on this topic. Stewing in negative gossip behooves no one.
  • Another year, no slave movies, no mammies, sniffling single mothers or maids, or verbose gangsters, so no Black folk were nominated for Oscars *surprise!* No…no one is surprised…exhaustively disgusted, yes but #OscarsSoWhite was a THING last year and this wasn’t something we wanted to put into syndication. Here we are anyway where Adsense is fueled by Black anger and all the ignorant white folks of the Academy are getting headlines. I haven’t watched a whole Oscars in years. I care nothing…because the truth is the actors aren’t the only sector that needs to diversify. Talent agents, producers, writers, directors, everything…and really any time we talk about diversity we need to address why the specific locations that require ones to even have the chance to flourish in this industry, wipes out a large swath of people. A lot of people can’t afford the rent or even the couch to crash on in Los Angeles or New York City. But that’s another video or blog post for another day…
  • Janet Hubert already came thru with her petty to make this conversation way more interesting then some dame thinking Blacks have it easier. Look Janet, you wasn’t wrong girl, but you was bitter and that therefore…just makes it hard to take your side. I watched Jada’s video, only cause Janet made me care. Otherwise the Smiths been giving me ambivalently out of touch tease for years. Back to the melinated Aunt Viv. Something happened round ’94 that led to Hubert’s swift removal from Fresh Prince and Hubert has been going strong with a 22 year grudge against Will Smith. But she isn’t slandering Quincy Jones, who was executive producer of Fresh Prince and would have had a definite hand in the removal of Janet Hubert. 

  • Daniel Holtzclaw, a cop in Oklahoma City, was sentenced to two hundred and sixty three years in prison on multiple accounts of rape, oral sodomy, and sexual battery. Targeting poor black women, with low level criminal records to force them into sexual acts, Holtclaw wasn’t caught until he sexually assaulted a middle class Black woman who happened to be driving through a poor neighborhood. Jannie Ligons reported him to the police and the media, leading to the investigation that saw Holtzclaw convicted on his birthday and sentenced to several lifetimes over in jail. This is important because the erasure of poor black women is a very real issue, and it took an active effort of Black women questioning why no one was talking about this before any media coverage was offered.

  • Flint Water Crisis. Do you understand the gravity of being LIED to for years about the safety of your running water and how the inability to turn on your faucet and access clean/safe water isn’t just a serious health risk but it kills one’s livelihood — like work, education, access to do better and create a better life. WATER is that fucking important. We’re coming together and donating bottled water to Flint, but what are they bathing in? When you’re use to turning on the faucet, readjusting to brushing your teeth with bottled water, is a thing. That bucket bath life where you have to boil you water first…it’s not at all bad but you’re changing an entire way of life that is not typical for an American home. It’s a mind fuck. And the politics that exist in Michigan that allow something like this to flourish are absurd but continue to happen because the people most impacted lack the access to understand what is happening above their heads. Local and state politics matter, gravely. So whilst we quibble over the lackluster offerings for the 2016 presidential race, please take some time to understand how your local city is run and vote in your local and state elections.

  • The second season of American Crime is here and it is everything. It’s just a great show all around. You do not have to watch season 1 to start on season 2, it’s an entirely new story line that is so timely. Regina King and Felicity Hoffman are just excellent actors. Andre 3000 is a nice touch to the cast. As this season attacks the multiple layers of rape culture, patriarchy and privilege, I am always amazed at how the story line shows how easy it is to tip over to the wrong side even in earnest. We’re only three episodes in and you can watch them on the ABC website…so catch up this is awesome and would be great to discuss/watch along with my #SmartBrownGirls.

  • Oh and I definitely clock some teas of the legacy of Stacey Dash and her dumbness. So watch the video below to catch up on this weeks #PopSnark!


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