I have not watched much TV since getting to Accra in November. But I was missing Being Mary Jane so badly, that I burned the last few gigs on my Surfline Wi-Fi to catch up on Season 3 of Being Mary Jane. Girl, and I am soooooo happy that I did. The last review I did was on Episode 3, that very deep discussion on Forgiveness and Grief. So let’s catch up and round out on all the greatness that was Season 3 of Being Mary Jane. 


So much to wait for next season. I was just coming around to liking Cece when she joined team doing too much. Totally fell for thinking MJ had legit found a way to flip it and get her out of her hairs, while allowing Cece’s bookstore to flourish, but damn that set up was cold blooded. But I would have done it too, way before actually paying her out the money.

What I love most is how each character shows us something new about our own humanness, our vulnerabilities, flaws and strengths. And while BMJ is entertaining it’s thought provoking, pushing us to discuss hard topics that really matter in our day to day. Let me know in the comments down below what were some of your favorite moments in Season 3!