#PopSnark Eps. 10 | Back Like Cooked Crack

The first #PopSnark of 2015 and I am so damn cute I think you should just watch the video and sip along as I give you the low brow to eye brow tea. Are your eyebrows on fleek?

Quick notes:

  • Kiah Victoria dropped a beautiful cover of the Coldplay song “Fix You”
  • Jay Wilds is sus, as in suspect and his interview with the Intercept does him no favors as he tries to throw Sarah Koenig and the Serial podcast under the bus.
  • Kevin Urich the prosecutor in the case covered by the Serial podcast also interviewed with the Intercept after refusing the interview with Koenig through the research and season of the Serial podcast.
  • Ludacris married his long time girlfriend a year after having a “break baby”
  • Kendrick Lamar did an interview with Billboard magazine, that you should definitely read because of his evolution and reckoning with himself since that interview. Considering his most recent single it puts a lot things into context. I didn’t agree with him in this interview but I still love the artist.
  • Phylicia Rashad speaks up for Bill Cosby. Is supposedly misquoted as dismissing the woman who have come forward with allegations.
  • Don Lemon is a coon, a troll, an annoyance and disrespectful as he questions Muslims about Islam and violence.
  • Kanye’s autotuned “Only One” sing is beautiful in content in and meh as an actual song.


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