Buying a Car as a Single Woman, sets out to empower women with knowledge of their consumer power in the arena of purchasing a car. Car marketing very rarely is marketed towards women, let a lone the invisible group of women of color, even though women make up over 52% of the new car buyers in the USA. So here’s to walking into the dealership prepared and ready to get negotiate the best deal!

1992_buick_park_avenue_4_dr_ultra_supercharged_sedan-pic-48953Buick is a sleeper brand. Buick even pokes fun at itself in their most recent advertising campaign as a people and pets don’t recognize the new line of Buick cars. I first saw the new Encore at the Houston Auto Show and was pleasantly surprised at how nice and sleek the compact SUV looked. Buick has always been the old school gin and juice car of your old aunties and uncles who are still holding on to their sedan from the ’70s. The Park Avenue sedan your grandparents bought with their retirement money in the ’90s. Not the an uber cool and reasonably priced car that is keeping up with the technology trends in 2015. The pearl white model I saw at the auto show really complimented the design of the 2015 Encore. And then I got a chance to preview the car.

So when the car was delivered to my house and I walked out to see a cobalt blue Encore, I was amused and surprised. Not really my color of preference of this type of car. The Encore is sleek, mature and a very versatile car for the woman on the go. This shade of bright, electric blue (Brilliant Blue Metallic) is more of a sports car, or trendy/quirky car. They tend to send bright colored cars to lifestyle influencers so our audiences are younger. But the color does greatly impact the look of the car, so I’m super happy I saw the model at the auto show. More muted colors work wonderfully with the 2015 Encore model.

On the inside this car has all the great functions for the price. The biggest negative I had was the GM Navigation system and it’s UX. I couldn’t figure out how to enlarge the text on the screen and I have good vision. The trip details on the screen are very small and getting to the settings that would update that are not intuitive. Other than that, the technology pack is standard for GM vehicles such as the 2015 Chevy Impala: Bose speakers, blind spot notifications, forward collision alerts, rear camera, and a whole lot of auto settings that were easy to customize and turn on/off. That last one is a big deal because I was a bit freaked out by the auto windshield wipers which, once you get use to and realize that you didn’t mistakenly hit the switch, are a great feature. Heated seats, dual zone climate control and all the hooks ups (usb + bluetooth) for your mobile phone are additional add-ons that were featured in the Encore.

The actual drive is smooth, with all wheel drive and a 4 cylinder Ecotec turbo engine. It just a very comfortable car, that offers tons of space without feeling like your driving in a huge car. It’s great on gas averaging around 26 MPG city/highway. I definitely enjoyed driving the 2015 Buick Encore and find it to be a great value for a compact SUV.

The model previewed retails for $31,670MRSP. The Buick Encore starts at $24,065MRSP