Brooklyn #SmartBrownGirl Event!

I am super excited to announce my first official #SmartBrownGirl event! I am hosting a Sip, Wit & Chat in Brooklyn, NY on October 4th at Dumbo Sky in downtown Brooklyn from 5-8pm.

I’m so excited for this #SmartBrownGirl event because after much anxiety it’s great to see it fall into place and come together exactly the way I intended it too. Also the women on the panel and the topic we will be discussing is something that you do not want to miss. I’m bodyrolling and two-stepping as I type this!


The panel is on “How to be Vulnerable in the Face of the Strong Black Woman Archetype.” We’ll be discussing career, relationships, becoming a leader in your community and over all sense of self – all things that are touched by your vulnerability in this Q&A discussion. Joining me for the panel: Jovian Irvin of Teach for America, Zoe Zeigler of ColorComm and Kimberly Foster, Founder of

Jovian was my first #BTVF (Behind the Valencia Filter) interview, where she offered words of wisdom in pursuing your own path to success. And I’ve mentioned Kimberly Foster in my White women in the natural hair community video, referencing her response to the topic because it was so well stated. So you already have video proof that this will be a dope discussion that you do not want to miss.

We do hope to take this event on the road. So here’s to the Brooklyn #SmartBrownGirl Sip, Wit & Chat being a successful event!

IMG_8638A big thanks to our sponsor Natural Girls Rock and gold sponsor Sheer Luxe Beauty for affording us the opportunity to make this event happen. My shirt from Natural Girls Rock is super cute!

Do you plan on coming? Have you invited your sister-friends? Men are welcomed as well! All ages are invited as long as you are comfortable with the content I generally offer on my YouTube.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think about the topic and if I’ll see you there!


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