Ahhh we is back! I’ve actually had this playlist sitting on ice since last week, but my internetz went out last week cause Comcast hates me or hates the hood in which I reside, but whatevs, I couldn’t get the post up in time. So here you go a brand new shiny #SundaySounds playlist with 9 songs that I absolutely love.

First up is Kiah Victoria‘s new song “Tralala” and y’all knows I stan heavy for Kiah. Almost makes me want to do another hair tutorial and sync it to this song…almost, y’all almost. I absolutely love seeing Kiah grow as an artist and her music just gets more amazing with ever new track released. Now I just need her to get take my social media advice and get on it girl! The masses need to know who she is.

King is another group that I loves long time. They were featured on my first #SundaySounds post and I intend on overkilling it by featuring them every time I cans. Cause their music makes my heart smile and just feels like a easy breezy Sunday afternoon and fresh cotton…I don’t know if that makes sense but that is the feeling I get. Mister Chameleon is their newest single, a song about moving on from fair-weather lovers or what I believe to is Aquarian, Pisces or Gemini lovers…I’m reaching but the song is worth several replays.

Heeeey Ms. Carter, don’t you love when the beat drops on ‘Yonce? I do and I also enjoy this Electric Bodega remix. So since this song will be featured in my Road Trip to Texas video (soon come, like today soon come) I added it to this playlist so you can get a sneak peek of all the dope Beyoncè remixes I grabbed up to sync to me and Evelyn From the Internets driving through Houston.

Followed up by an oldie, well a couple months old, ‘Girls Love Beyonce’ the Drake/James Fauntleroy collab. This was my first intro to Fauntleroy who songs I all enjoy but this song is a particular fav because Drake does the most with his usual flexing with lyrics that are what every girl/woman/bottom wishes they ‘bae’ would say to them but things people don’t ever say in real life. All the feelz, all the feelz with ‘I need someone who I walk through the front door with’…

Ahh, Sza, she makes me want to get a big curly weave and paint freckles on to my face…lol, that’s not shade, she really makes me want to do that. And for the record I think her freckles are real, the hair….well I don’t really care cause I love her music and this collab with the effervescent Jill Scott is at the top of the list. ‘Divinity’ keeps with the usual wispy appeal of Sza overlayed with the deep soul of Jill Scott. Is this the first song where Jill Scott doesn’t make a food analogy? Man all her albums make me hungry, like I want to go cook for a negro and just lay in after…and I’m the person who avoids cooking cause I hate washing dishes. Miss Scott always puts a spell on me.

MNEK! Oh how I love thee in all his eclectic ’90s essence. He dropped a video to his single that I featured on a previous #SundaySounds, ‘Wrote a Song About You‘. So here’s a loverly cover of ColdPlay’s Magic, a song that I had on epic replay when writing #SendItOn…loves all of it.

This is clearly repeat offenders week because Alex Isley was also featured on this #SundaySounds and yes this another cover. I was actually searching for 702 remixes and landed on this lovely cover of “I Still Love You“, where Alex mashes up N.E.R.D.’s “Run to the Sun” for quasi remix. I think it was because I had just watched the reunion of R&B Divas ATL…this last season featured the former lead singer of 702, Kameelah Williams. 

So all y’alls been talking about Mali Music and I must give it to y’all he is awesome. My happening upon “Walking Shoes” is all do to Nichole, who after reading my book #SendItOn felt that this song really resonated with what my book is about. I do believe she was on to something.

Last up is an audio track of the last chapter in my book #SendItOn, entitled ‘Goodnight…’ The response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive so I’ma keep promoting in hopes all my #SmartBrownGirls get a chance to read my book!

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