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Let me tell you how happy I am to see Prince Fielder in all his thickem’s glory on the cover of ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue. Yes, yes and yes to all of that. I appreciate a finally cut physique as well, but my preference will always be to have something a little soft on the backside so when you go in for the hug and slide your hands down there’s something to grab on to. As August Alsina would say, I love it, I love it or misspell I luv this sh*t. I would drink it all up if Prince just had a wee bit more upper lip. I’m just not here for having someone kiss on my cloud and I’m kissing gums in return. Yeah…no beau. But I’ll just enjoy the gracious ESPN video of Prince de-robbing for his shoot. Girl, ma’am, Miss…all of that is fine.


david-bannerTheRoot comprised a list of 13 “Husky” celebrities that should not be overlooked but that list is wildly all over the place with too many misses. However I will give it all the way up for David Banner who if I was ever going to tell on myself and let you know what most of my exes look like, welp there you have it. I’ve met Mr. Banner on more than one occasion but it’s too bad he’s an Aries like me, cause we can never go together :/

And let me not forget to give an honorable mention to 1998 Sheek Louch, my original Husky crush. I don’t know nothing bout this more recent Donnie G ish, but Sheek Louch of Lox days, check please.


Do you like ’em thick too? Who would be your recommendation for #HuskyTwitter crush?


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