Back with another #SundaySounds, a playlist of my fav songs for the week. I was roadtripping through Texas last week so missed last Sunday, but now I’m back! Be sure to comment below or tweet me with some of your fav songs. Enjoy!

King is a group of three women out of California: twin sisters Paris and Amber, with Anita Bias. The released their first EP in 2011 and their latest song In the Meantime sometime late 2013. In the Meantime is definitely my fav song and I wish I had more than four songs to chose from because I have ran them all into the ground overplaying them daily, lol. Also included “Supernatural” from their The Story EP. If you’re at Essence Festival this year be sure to check them out at the Essence Superlounge.

Melo-X is an old friend I ran into at the BeautyCon event a few weeks back in NYC. He was the absolute last person I thought I would see but it was good catching up as he’s been touring with Jasmine Solano on the Electric Punany tour. It’s great to see people I started out with in Brooklyn acheiving their own success. Melo hit is stride after remixing Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’nights album that caught Maxwell’s attention and he’s been grinding ever since. Here’s his remix of Cheri Dennis’ I Love You. Is it too early to call a song from 2008 and oldie but goodie? Lol, I clearly remember the summer this song came out. Love Melo’s remix.

I AM SO EFFING HAPPY Jazmine Sullivan is coming out with new music. Yes Gawd, Buddha, Baby Jesus and Mami Wata! I am here for every bit of it even though I hate it when R&B artists unnecessarily add rappers to their tracks. I don’t need to hear Meek Mill, Jazmine could have carried this all by herself but I won’t complain (too much) cause I’m just trying to make it to one of her Christmas parties in Philly. We have too many mutual friends, girl…send that invite doh. Better yet, I’m finna to start a Twitter campaign to get her to let me interview her. I sent a request back when I thought I was the shit for having 10k subscribers and get a bitchy response from her former assistant who basically let me know Jazmine doesn’t do interviews and if she did it certainly wouldn’t be with me. -_- I’ll tuck in my feelings and try one mo’ gain. She’s my Aries spirit animal and I love this song, even with Meek Mill screaming on the track. Play that back a few times.

And in an ode to my lovefest with Jazmine here’s my favorite song by her, “In Love with Another Man” this was a close call between “Live a Lie” but this song etched it’s way to the top for me because Jazmine just sings so much soul into the song, even if you’ve never been in this situation you still feel her.

Daley is a British R&B artist who’s duet with Marsha Ambrosius I played back fifty-eleven times trying to distinguish between their voices but this White boy killed it and I loved it. He recently released an a cappella version of his album to flex on the devil with his musical talents. This is the a cappella version of his duet with Marsha, “Alone Together”.

J*Davey, the Brook D’Leau and Jack Davey (Briana), they’re now part of Miguel’s band, but back in the early 2000’s they released several EPs and were a big part of my drunken memories from when I first moved to Brooklyn. “Relax”, with the Tribe Called Quest’s Electric Relaxation sample, is def a fav.

Okay now on to full old school songs mode. Platinum Pied Pipers cover of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave a Lover”, will NEVER get old for me. Love this song! Not sure what’s currently up with Waajeed and Saadiq but again this entire album is entwined with Brooklyn memories.

“Big Pimpin” with Jay-Z and Bun B is not only an ode to summer but I had too much fun in Texas last week going between Houston and Austin with Evelyn From the Internets so this is an ode to #SundayFunday, Blue Belle and tacos, lol.

Rounding out the list albeit it might be an odd selection to follow Big Pimpin is Nina Simone’s Four Women. My favorite rendition of this song is the Marsha Ambrosius, Kelly Price, Jill Scott and Ledisi cover from 2011’s Black Girls Rock. Yes lawd! But back to why I picked this song…for me this song reminds me of all things Maya Angelou embody, being all things Black woman and being fearless of others judgments. I’ve been rather quiet on the topic of Maya in the week of her death just because it seems rather trite to jump on the bandwagon and jump right back off once the hashtags and think pieces die down. I’ll have a further post on the impact of Maya encouraging me to be okay with me regardless of the mistakes I make, but for now this is my ode.