In a past life I use to write alot. I have a compilation of short stores, mostly dealing with relationships that one of these days I’m going to finish and maybe publish, that I have finally published. Send It On, is a collection of short stories available for purchase here. Last week’s episode of Scandal reminded me of this note I wrote to a young man sometime back in 2009. I’m not really here for extramarital affairs, and no matter how much hubris Shonda Rhimes throws into the mix…the whole Fitz and Olivia Pope set up makes me cringe. I enjoy Scandal, even though it total ignores the lines of plausible reality, as we see with the (Republican) President doing the grown up with his (Black) White House Press Secretary. This whole melodrama with the “I can’t leave you” “I need you”, let me spread it wide for you on the Oval Office desk, I just can’t. This doesn’t happen in real life.

So since this blog isn’t all about hair. It’s my blog and therefore will have an occasional personal post. Here’s a note I posted after dealing with someone who was trying to pull the “I’m with her, but I want you” stunt.

I sent this this morning [via BbM]::
“I’ve decided that you and I can no longer have dealings with each other. Seriously.
This situation isn’t going to benefit me in any way. I stand to gain nothing.
Other than experiencing what it’s like to be the side chick, jumopoff whatever.
And that’s an experience I can do without.

And I don’t want to be your faux friend either. Cause that’s the same shit as a jumpoff.
So I’m deading it. Officially. And don’t worry I’m not sad or melancholy about it.
It’s all good in the hood.

I’d just rather spend time doing things that actually benefit me rather than sell myself short. So maybe next lifetime or some time after that we can just be cool.
But for now I’d rather act like its Dec. 30th 2008 and I never met you.”

He replies, of course, albeit 4 hours after he read it [ahh, the glory of Bbm]::
” I agree with you to a t, I just don’t want us to be enemies because of the way things played out. ”

Never one to not put the nail in the coffin, I say::
“That is noble and all. But no need to worry about us being enemies, since there is no real reason for us to interact. Just press delete”

He complies. Deleted.

A Means to An End”, is a short story from the book Send It On by Jouelzy. Available for purchase via CreatespaceAmazon and e-book stores internationally.