Why Purity is Good, but Purity Certificates are Bad

When Brelyn Freeman married Tim Bowman earlier this month, it was clear that love was in the air. But upon lurking through the wedding hashtag on Instagram to see what her dress looked like, we were quickly stopped in our tracks as Brelyn Freeman stood gleaming next to her father with a framed certificate in […]

Using Faith to Burden the Bodies of Conservative Black Christians

It’s been 42 years since Roe vs. Wade made abortions a legal procedure in the United States and conservative politicians with their eyes on the White House are still using anti-abortion rhetoric as part of their campaign messages. At the same time, a push toward defunding Planned Parenthood has taken prominence in Congress as GOP […]

Can I Support Praying the Gay Away?

I thought I would repost this old blog, about my experience with having a friend seek my support in them going from gay to saved, since there has been an advent of memes circulating with people going from gay/transgender to saved/heterosexual. Most people who are secure with their sexuality don’t typically go around pondering the […]

#AskJouelzy: On Growing Up in a Jehovah’s Witness Household

Controversial topic on deck! I’ve passingly noted that I grew up in a Jehovah’s Witness household so every month I get a few emails asking me to speak on my experience. I’ve been hesitant to do a video on it because I respect my family and any time you mention JWs folks tend to come […]

On Watching Your Parents Age…

There are facts of life. Natural progressions that we all know are to come one day. I know that as I grow and come of age so do my parents. I always knew that they were to get older and so I’ve placed them in my future memories of growing old, but more of a […]