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We Forgive Scammers as Long as They Sell Us an Image of Wealth

We forgive scammers as long as they sell us a vision of wealth. As an influencer, I am consistently confronted by how pernicious behavior, that often maligns members of our own community, is swept under the rug with a kiss to the right cheek. Whispers "don't say anything you don't want to look bitter". Empowerment as an industry is nothing new. We've long filed into churches, bowing our head to wistful benedictions hoping that seed will be sowed into something personally prosperous and not simply make our pastors wealthy(er). Everybody likes nice things. The ministry has just evolved for the
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The Hair Vitamin Swindle: Do They Really Work?

Preface: I didn't mention this in the video or the article, but I do NOT think it is the responsibility of YouTubers (bloggers, etc.,) to hold the companies responsible for their marketing. This is a business, and I'm not knocking anyone's hustle. I simply wish the companies took the time to overall be more genuine and honest in their marketing, rather than just selecting folks that already have bountiful heads of hair. Same way I feel about other natural hair companies that are selling the myth of the curl -- just show the honest diversity and all will be well.
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