Why Friends + Family Do Not Support You…

Every now and again I see memes floating around, denoting how no one was with you shooting at the gym or how your friends will invest in all the name brands but not buy your products and  I have had people explicitly ask me to the address thinking I would be on the side of […]

The Abuse Strong Friends Endure

I recently re-read James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk. I sat on panel at SXSW with Barry Jenkins, Oscar award-winning director of Moonlight. In preparation, I picked up Beale Street because I realized I could not recount much of the book that I had read in a flurry as a middle schooler.  In 6th grade […]

Isolating Yourself is not Self-Care

Why do we believe that cutting ourselves off from the people who care about us, calling it something like “I’m putting my head down” “grinding” or hashtagging it, is how we become successful in a capitalist society? I am not implying that this is indicative of simply the Black community but it is symptomatic of […]

Working on Your Emotional Maturity, When Everyone Else is Emotionally Immature

Emotional maturity. I’ve spoken about this before on how emotional maturity will help you avoid fuckboys. Packaging advice through discussions on intimate relationships is always the easy entry way. But emotional maturity is more complex and nuanced than just how it relates to your dating life. Emotional maturity is taking the time to develop self […]

Why are Women So Petty & Competitive?

Being petty is now a thing of honor. Blame it on the rise of social media, more specifically Twitter where you have to pack a punch within 140 characters or less. There is no time to be concerned with tone, tact and other subjective things, you must say what you mean as precisely and concisely […]

When Everything is Wrong & No One is Right for You | #SmartBrownGirl

Somewhere a long the line of having a YouTube channel and starting this #SmartBrownGirl movement, folks have deemed me worth of them asking for my advice. Originally this started out as content for my #AskJouelzy videos, but what I noticed was that I was fielding a lot of the same questions with a very similar […]

On Giving & Receiving Criticism as a #SmartBrownGirl

Part of being a #SmartBrownGirl is always striving to do better, even in areas that are not easy to confront. Criticism is high up on the chart of difficult to broach subjects and post my Lack of Support and Losing Friends post, I’ve had every intention of covering this topic. But it’s touchy, so I […]

Can I Support Praying the Gay Away?

I thought I would repost this old blog, about my experience with having a friend seek my support in them going from gay to saved, since there has been an advent of memes circulating with people going from gay/transgender to saved/heterosexual. Most people who are secure with their sexuality don’t typically go around pondering the […]

Connecting the Dots: Steve Jobs & Living for You (Redux)

Another personal post. This one is real to me, I re-read it and it brought back so many emotions and thoughts. This happened a year ago and in that year I’ve lost friends in a way more touching way then this. Like I really lost a friend in the physical sense and to this day it still […]