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Why Friends + Family Do Not Support You…

Every now and again I see memes floating around, denoting how no one was with you shooting at the gym or how your friends will invest in all the name brands but not buy your products and  I have had people explicitly ask me to the address thinking I would be on the side of friends needing to support their friends businesses. Sis,  I am so very sorry but I am not with this rhetoric. Within the bounds of a healthy relationship, friends and family support in various other ways that a customer can never provide. Many of us coming
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To Celebrate the Regular Black Girl : Solange’s A Seat At The Table | Review

Solange’s new album is a wonderful tableaux of the simplicity, complexities, vulnerabilities and the intersections of Black women. An art piece, that sits not only in the hallway of good music but as we or they say is “sonically pleasing.” It enwraps you in an experience. A Seat At The Table is a story, were words, melodies, and layers construct a narrative that is genuine to Solange’s evolving identity, but also feels like she made the mundaneness of our everyday existence something delightfully beautiful and deep. Solange has evolved through a barrage of criticisms that often seek to constrain her
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Tinder Tips to Keep the Dating Shenanigans Low

Whether it's Tinder, Soul Swipe, or the centers of your waste my time shenanigans like BlackPeopleMeet and Plenty of Fish, here's some advice to keep the ain't shittedness from entering into your personal space. Be smart and stay safe sis! 1. Black men all take the same 6 types of pics. Seated on the end of the bed In the bathroom. In the gym In the car. At a wedding or dressed up occasion. At the gym *Bonus if they have a cropped out picture of them at a club/bar. 2. If he can’t find his edges he can’t find
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