Why Friends + Family Do Not Support You…

Every now and again I see memes floating around, denoting how no one was with you shooting at the gym or how your friends will invest in all the name brands but not buy your products and  I have had people explicitly ask me to the address thinking I would be on the side of […]

The Abuse Strong Friends Endure

I recently re-read James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk. I sat on panel at SXSW with Barry Jenkins, Oscar award-winning director of Moonlight. In preparation, I picked up Beale Street because I realized I could not recount much of the book that I had read in a flurry as a middle schooler.  In 6th grade […]

I Hate Living Everywhere

Giggle with me, because anyone who has followed me over the past three years likely believes I cannot be satiated by any city. You might not be wrong. I’m half conscious of how much I “complain” about everywhere I lived. My disdain for Washington, DC went viral, I was indifferent about Houston and my favorite […]

We Forgive Scammers as Long as They Sell Us an Image of Wealth

We forgive scammers as long as they sell us a vision of wealth. As an influencer, I am consistently confronted by how pernicious behavior, that often maligns members of our own community, is swept under the rug with a kiss to the right cheek. Whispers “don’t say anything you don’t want to look bitter”. Empowerment […]

What Am I Suppose To Do With Boring People?

I have a friend who claims to love dating boring men. I don’t know that I believe her because while her significant other(s) are often the boring types, she almost always self-destructs with them. She’s a Pisces so calling her out and reminding her that she very often complains about them not indulging her in […]

Disrespecting My Time is a Problem and a Lesson

I hate when people waste my time in ways that could have been prevented. I especially hate when those people look like me, are people who I want to uplift and respect but instead I’m looking at my phone trying to figure out how to even process the bullsh*t. How often am I inclined to […]

Isolating Yourself is not Self-Care

Why do we believe that cutting ourselves off from the people who care about us, calling it something like “I’m putting my head down” “grinding” or hashtagging it, is how we become successful in a capitalist society? I am not implying that this is indicative of simply the Black community but it is symptomatic of […]

Single & Attractive Women Can Have Casual Sex Without Consenting to Rape

Casual Sex Is Not Consent to Rape

ArtParasite posted an article submitted anonymously entitled THE UGLY SIDE OF BEING A SINGLE, ATTRACTIVE AND AVAILABLE HETEROSEXUAL WOMAN, where a young woman details her encounters with men who have sexually mistreated her. Who have assaulted her right was a consenting partner in casual sex to force her to do things she did not want […]

Being Mary Jane S4E1 Review: Too Much Sex in the New City

Originally published on TheRoot.com Being Mary Jane is back for a fourth season, and Mary Jane Paul is still pompously lacking in self-awareness. While we open to M.J.’s 6-inch heels sauntering down the hallway to a sexy song, it doesn’t take long for M.J. to almost completely unravel in her most vulnerable space: her sexuality […]

Tips On Surviving Brokeness While in College and/or Adulting

According to Instagram everyone is living the carefree life. We work hard, play hard and slay while we do it. In reality many of us are staying quiet about our financial struggles. Some of us are making the wrong sacrifices to keep up and all of us are just trying to figure a way out […]

How to Buy a Car | Adult Life Lessons

I finally bought a car! After relocating from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas in August 2014, I finally bought a car. Yes after living 10 months in the big ole’ suburban city that it’s known for it’s traffic, my East Coast city girl behind took the plunge on something that I was initially overwhelmingly fearful […]

20 Things I Learned in My Twenties

Bish you guessed! Hwah! I turned 30 years old last month and I’m still feeling like my young spring, regularly fabulous self. One of these days I’m going to get started on my “30 While 30” list. But it never hurts to front like leaving my twenties has left me with some sage wisdom to […]