Why Friends + Family Do Not Support You…

Every now and again I see memes floating around, denoting how no one was with you shooting at the gym or how your friends will invest in all the name brands but not buy your products and  I have had people explicitly ask me to the address thinking I would be on the side of […]

The Abuse Strong Friends Endure

I recently re-read James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk. I sat on panel at SXSW with Barry Jenkins, Oscar award-winning director of Moonlight. In preparation, I picked up Beale Street because I realized I could not recount much of the book that I had read in a flurry as a middle schooler.  In 6th grade […]

Finding, Losing & Maintaining Friends #SmartBrownGirl

In the age of “ride or die” and “no new” friends a lot of young women are all effed up in the game, as we are bombasted with the ideal of everlasting friendships and too much focus on marriage being the golden relationship that cures all things. Girl…nah. Our lives are full of complex relationships that […]

Can I Support Praying the Gay Away?

I thought I would repost this old blog, about my experience with having a friend seek my support in them going from gay to saved, since there has been an advent of memes circulating with people going from gay/transgender to saved/heterosexual. Most people who are secure with their sexuality don’t typically go around pondering the […]

On: Losing Friends & Lack of Support

Friends, I thought as I matured though would be easier to hold on to. What I’ve found is the more I become good with me, the more I find my own path to success, the more I move outside the square box and re-draw what I consider to the success of the American Dream, the […]