Being Mary Jane S4E1 Review: Too Much Sex in the New City

Originally published on Being Mary Jane is back for a fourth season, and Mary Jane Paul is still pompously lacking in self-awareness. While we open to M.J.’s 6-inch heels sauntering down the hallway to a sexy song, it doesn’t take long for M.J. to almost completely unravel in her most vulnerable space: her sexuality […]

Gabby Douglas and the Damning of Black Women

Originally published on In her two Olympic appearances, Gabby Douglas has ignited much discussion, both for her accomplishments and for what others perceive as her less-than qualities. On the very shallow end, we have the comments made about her edges—which, when you have a certain texture of natural hair, no matter how much you […]

On Experiencing the Dallas Mass Shooting | #BlackLivesMatter

This is a lot to unpack. I’ve written two posts on this. One on @Medium: I experienced a mass shooting. The words sound heavy but they feel so empty. I am alive, physically whole though confounded with the feeling thatthis happened all to0 easily. Read the post, I Experienced the Dallas Shooting | The All American Mass […]

Why Purity is Good, but Purity Certificates are Bad

When Brelyn Freeman married Tim Bowman earlier this month, it was clear that love was in the air. But upon lurking through the wedding hashtag on Instagram to see what her dress looked like, we were quickly stopped in our tracks as Brelyn Freeman stood gleaming next to her father with a framed certificate in […]

Are You Frustrated With the Word ‘Female’?

Female, a word that seemingly has been a part of our everyday vernacular since forever, is the latest hot-button topic in the war regarding what you can and cannot say. Earlier this year, Jezebel’s Kara Brown singled out the problem with calling women “females,” unpacking how the term made her feel. Then, most recently on MTV’s […]

Using Faith to Burden the Bodies of Conservative Black Christians

It’s been 42 years since Roe vs. Wade made abortions a legal procedure in the United States and conservative politicians with their eyes on the White House are still using anti-abortion rhetoric as part of their campaign messages. At the same time, a push toward defunding Planned Parenthood has taken prominence in Congress as GOP […]

Are Black Americans Appropriating African Culture?

Appropriation. The latest word every one wants to use, hurling it at one another with faux intellect. As soon as you see it in an article or headline, you sigh because it’s either, “I can’t believe they [as in white people] are pulling this stunt again [side eye],” or it’s a tiring and confusing tirade […]

Why White People (+ Piers Morgan) Need to Give Up on Discussing the N-Word.

It is amusing that in 2014 so much polarizing discussion around race has been bubbling over in spurts as social media rallies, rages and questions, as think-pieces and exposes are delivered. Most recently the Washington Post had a front page interactive feature on the etymology of the n-word. From Niger to negra, negro, nigger and […]

Carol’s Daughter & the Burden of Black Business Owners

When David Karp, a lanky 28 year-old White high-school drop out sold his website, Tumblr, to Yahoo! to the tune of $1.1 billion he was lauded. He reaffirmed the stereotype of the techy white boy persona of hoodies, coding geek drop out turned billionaire tech start-up founder. Sent angel investors dashing to find the next […]

Please Stop Correlating Weaves as Being Hood…

As of lately, as my audience has expanded beyond it’s core, whenever I post a picture, article, anything with or about weaves/wigs there is always a choir of “why wear weaves?” “why can’t you love yourself?” “she’s so ghetto with that weave” “weave wearing [insert curse word of choice].” Or whenever I happen to venture […]

The Hair Vitamin Swindle: Do They Really Work?

Preface: I didn’t mention this in the video or the article, but I do NOT think it is the responsibility of YouTubers (bloggers, etc.,) to hold the companies responsible for their marketing. This is a business, and I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle. I simply wish the companies took the time to overall be more genuine […]

We Aren’t All Curly Girl [Politely Addressing, Texture Discrimination]

Occasionally I write. Sometimes for other publications. In an effort to do better with letting folks know, here is the first article I wrote for Walk down the aisles of any beauty supply store, scroll through the Twitter and Instagram feed, the Facebook pages and blogs dedicated to natural hair and it won’t take […]