Carol’s Daughter & the Burden of Black Business Owners

When David Karp, a lanky 28 year-old White high-school drop out sold his website, Tumblr, to Yahoo! to the tune of $1.1 billion he was lauded. He reaffirmed the stereotype of the techy white boy persona of hoodies, coding geek drop out turned billionaire tech start-up founder. Sent angel investors dashing to find the next […]

Please Stop Correlating Weaves as Being Hood…

As of lately, as my audience has expanded beyond it’s core, whenever I post a picture, article, anything with or about weaves/wigs there is always a choir of “why wear weaves?” “why can’t you love yourself?” “she’s so ghetto with that weave” “weave wearing [insert curse word of choice].” Or whenever I happen to venture […]

Tips on Buying Clothes from Chinese Vendors

Have you been wondering how bloggers/vloggers get ahold of all these cute clothes for lookbooks and OOTDs? Ever click the various links and be directed to a super cheap website with petite Asian girls modeling the clothes? Were you wary about throwing them you’re coin for that maxi you wanted and they were retailing […]

How Product Reviews Work…

I kind of surprised at how much folks are surprised or unaware about how product reviews work on YouTube. I don’t think the business of product reviews is that shady and that wasn’t really my point in the video. I do think as with any business that are dishonest folks on the tube, slinging product […]

The Hair Vitamin Swindle: Do They Really Work?

Preface: I didn’t mention this in the video or the article, but I do NOT think it is the responsibility of YouTubers (bloggers, etc.,) to hold the companies responsible for their marketing. This is a business, and I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle. I simply wish the companies took the time to overall be more genuine […]

Tips on Finding Cute Women’s Shoes for Big Feet (Size 10+)

Some of us women have the unfortunate experience of having big feet. Oh hush to all the ladies with a size 9/9.5 complaining about their shoe size. As a clean size 11 we could swap shoe sizes any day. Promise. Not only do have a large shoe size, but I’m only 5’7. I’ve attempted to […]

Eyebrows, Tacos & My Love for Texas w/ EvelynFromTheInternet

I love Texas. I really do. Well, the big blue cities in the red state of Texas. Houston and Austin. Hopefully when I move out of this horribly cliquey city of Washington, DC, I’ll be able to land in Houston and find me a tall, shiny brown man with good credit, upward mobility and no […]