How to Make Classy & Thotful Cocktails

It was a rough day in January and like a true millennial I decided to bury my grief by drinking. Okay, maybe I already had this collaboration scheduled and the universe conspired to make sure I could get through the sudden fall out of a project I’d been working on for two years. My woes […]

Why Black People Don’t Travel to Africa

The Black people travel movement has definitely picked up stem in the past few years. It’s beautiful to see Black people traveling all over the world. But one of the questions that has been persistent is why Black people don’t travel to Africa. And what are really asking is why African Americans are not traveling […]

I Hate Living Everywhere

Giggle with me, because anyone who has followed me over the past three years likely believes I cannot be satiated by any city. You might not be wrong. I’m half conscious of how much I “complain” about everywhere I lived. My disdain for Washington, DC went viral, I was indifferent about Houston and my favorite […]

Isolating Yourself is not Self-Care

Why do we believe that cutting ourselves off from the people who care about us, calling it something like “I’m putting my head down” “grinding” or hashtagging it, is how we become successful in a capitalist society? I am not implying that this is indicative of simply the Black community but it is symptomatic of […]

Buying A Car As A Single Woman – 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring Review

2017 has been a wild year and we’re not even done yet. In the midst of the chaos, in various ways I’ve been stressing the value of friendships. Having a strong inner core, is so necessary in these times. Finding inexpensive ways to travel together, can be a really awesome experience. I’m that friend that just […]

Travel To Cuba: AirBnB, Casa Particular or Hotels?

Here’s the last in the four part video series on my tips for traveling to Cuba. And this is probably the most important, because something going wrong with your lodging can ruin a whole trip. I would strongly recommend that you do NOT stay at hotels. They are overpriced, out of date, and very very […]

My 7 Week Trip to Ghana as an African American

Finally getting around to talking in full, about my trip last year to Ghana, where I spent roughly seven weeks chilling in Accra. Yes it took me forever and a day to get to this, but here we  are.  I originally landed in Ghana, because I was part of an influencer group heading to Togo […]

Travel to Cuba: Is The Food Bad?

Food is so hotly debated in Cuba. Start talking to Americans who have recently travele there and you will quickly start a debate about whether Cuban food is good. Well, Cuban food as we know it in New York City and Miami is absolutely good. The debate is more about if the food in general […]

Travel to Cuba: All About the Money + That Confusing Exchange Rate

The best way to convert american dollars usd to cuban pesos. Avoid the fee.

One of the most confusing aspects of traveling to Cuba is converting your American dollars in order to get the best the conversion rate. We’re going to take this piece by piece. Let’s first look at the facts, because really a lot of this discussion is opinion and will come down to your personal preferences. The most […]

Travel to Cuba: Catching a Flight + Visa From the United States

Cuba, Cuba! The new destination for Americans after Obama lifted major travel restrictions that have been in place since the United States, under John F. Kennedy placed an embargo on the island of Cuba. I took advantage of very cheap flight prices to spend this past Christmas and New Years basking in the glory of […]

The Best Way to Travel With Friends on a Budget

There has definitely been an uptick in travel related content targeted both at young millennials and Black folks at large. Bless Obama’s heart, but that was definitely one of the overlooked perks of his administration: how much more accessible traveling as an American became. Even just in the attitude of how we are received as Americans. […]

African American in West Africa: First Impressions

I’ve been in Ghana for going on three weeks, spending a week traveling through Togo and it’s already been an amazing experience. So I thought it would be a fun and interesting conversation to talk about my first impressions as an African American in West Africa. In America we take for granted the beautiful shades of dark(er) brown. […]

How to Buy a Car | Adult Life Lessons

I finally bought a car! After relocating from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas in August 2014, I finally bought a car. Yes after living 10 months in the big ole’ suburban city that it’s known for it’s traffic, my East Coast city girl behind took the plunge on something that I was initially overwhelmingly fearful […]

Solo Travel to Johannesburg, South Africa [Tips & Notes] | #SmartBrownGirl

This past March, due the graces of the Etihad airfare glitch, I traveled to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. It was an awesome trip and I was super happy to finally meet up with my South African #SmartBrownGirls. An unintentional solo trip, I spent five days in Johannesburg and two + half days in Cape […]

The Aftermath of Being a Victim of Rape | #SmartBrownGirl

What moment did the memory hit me? It was something mundane, that led me down the road, reminding me of that time. That suppressed emotion. Turkey sandwiches, that was it. I was thinking of a homeboy who has gone on to be very successful and thinking, why did I never date him? There were hints […]