What Do Local/State Politicians Do For You?

In this episode of #FocusOnTheState, I sat down with my state senator, Jeff Jackson who sits on the North Carolina state legislature. Jackson was very gracious (and charming) in availing himself for this interview to break down what is role as a state politician is, and how I’m impacted as one of his constituents. He […]

Is Defunding the Police Enough?

Josie Duffy Rice offers a wide breadth of insight on what it means to defund the police, why that call is necessary and how it is still not enough in moving towards a more peaceful and equitable society.

TikTok Has A Race Problem

The race problem on TikTok is glaring. Converse to the privilege and access that Charli has, most of the innovators on TikTok are almost always Black and Brown kids, who like Jaliah prior to that New York Times article, reaped no rewards from creating the Renegade dance.

The Side Eye That Changed the Culture: Gloria Richardson

One of the most iconic pictures of a Black woman doing what she does best, with a simple glance letting you know she has the time and is not one to mess with because she will always stand and fight for the rights of her people, is Gloria Richardson giving the illest side eye while […]

Donald Trump in Context & the Resources You Need

Donald Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th president. It will always hurt to say that. I did a video on the early morning after election night where I let my high emotions show through. Since then I have mentioned in different wavelengths my unwillingness to accept Trump or anyone who aligns themselves with him without […]

Thank You Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

What some will never understand is the daily strength it takes to be a Black woman, in a space history has dictated is only for white women.  Last week, we saw the last day we got to live through Barack Obama as our sitting president.But more importantly and more saddening is that was the last day Michelle Obama […]

Thank You White People…

Thank you for reminding the world how much you hated me. I had hope in America and we know that hope is a powerful drug. Cold turkey, I am now hopeless. Thank you.

Do You Have to Vote?

This election is triggering for many people, myself included. To wake up and watch a demagogue reignite white nationalism having a vocal place in American politics is frightening. You wake up in a world that ostensibly hates your being. Your congenial neighbor’s privilege blinds them from seeing how they are attempting to snuff you out. […]

Review of Ava Duvernay’s Documentary 13th

Ava Duvernay’s talent is unmistakable. 13th (released on Netflix) is a beautifully depressing historical look at the criminalization of Black people in America, which holds 1/4th of the incarcerated population in the world. 13th is absolutely heavy, almost a reverse catharsis. Part of me is deeply relieved that a Black woman came through and did what Tariq […]

Hashtags & Protests Do Not Work #BlackLivesMatter

Hashtags and protesting accomplishes nothing. I’ve been hearing this message a lot of the past two weeks we’ve rolled through the hot heat of July. The summer breeze is stale. Many are trying to figure out what to make of 2016. Seven months in it’s been a hell of year. We celebrated our Blackness and then […]

On Experiencing the Dallas Mass Shooting | #BlackLivesMatter

This is a lot to unpack. I’ve written two posts on this. One on @Medium: I experienced a mass shooting. The words sound heavy but they feel so empty. I am alive, physically whole though confounded with the feeling thatthis happened all to0 easily. Read the post, I Experienced the Dallas Shooting | The All American Mass […]

On Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton…

On Thursday I posted a video entitled “Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton…,” it’s a break down on my thought process behind who I voted for in the Democrat primaries for president. I’ve since been accused of clickbaiting, being full of bullshit, clueless because I am lightskin, in dire need of views, called a cunt […]

Living in Fear & the Blame of Obedience

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/NBCNews/videos/1228861243800570/” width=”600″ height=”338″ onlyvideo=”1″] I entirely despise how many Americans believe that creating a society where we live in a state of perpetual fear is the way to a better United States. Do you hate your neighbor that much? We’ve removed the idea of compassion and empathy to replace it with react first, think later. […]

White Feminism, Fragility and the Flowery Scent of Ignorance

I am exhausted, tired of being tired, and worn down with the constant ignorance that has made a bombastic return in the 2015s. Maybe I am just more aware, considering my profession and the causes I attach myself to. Maybe I was previously until 2015, living in a bubble of dainty, suburban shallowness, where Black […]

Using Faith to Burden the Bodies of Conservative Black Christians

It’s been 42 years since Roe vs. Wade made abortions a legal procedure in the United States and conservative politicians with their eyes on the White House are still using anti-abortion rhetoric as part of their campaign messages. At the same time, a push toward defunding Planned Parenthood has taken prominence in Congress as GOP […]