#SundaySounds – The F*ck Is My Purpose

Sunday sounds are Monday’s melodies. It’s been a minute or maybe a year, really. But 2016 has been…I don’t know that I have a single word to describe it. Now to get #SundaySounds back on a roll, I have a Spotify and SoundCloud playlist for you. I’ve been taking DJ lessons…and I’m currently trying to […]

#SundaySounds – Ode to South Africa

You know #SundaySounds is only hear for you to have something to listen to at work on Monday. Well, that and to let you know what music I use in my videos. It’s been too long, I know. So here we are with the latest playlist that features all of the songs I have used […]

#SundaySounds | Thirty in Sound

And we…I mean EYE am finally back with a new #SundaySounds. Here’s to working on consistency as I embark on my 30th year of life. My birthday was March 25th and I turned thirty! I went to South Africa the week before my birthday and a pseudo celebration. It was so dope to meet my […]

#SundaySounds – Slow Down & Bow Down

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted a #SundaySounds playlist. I’ve had one set up on my Soundcloud for a minute and have just let it skip my mind for the past month about actually posting it ’cause like having a social life again is a new found feeling I almost entirely forgot about […]

#SundaySounds – Texas Turn Up [Music from #BrownGirlsTravel vlog]

Cause *breath* you’re *breath* no *breath* angel *breath* either *breath* baby… Cause *breath* you’re *breath* no *breath* angel *breath* either *breath* baby… Cause *breath* you’re *breath* no *breath* angel *breath* either *breath* baby… Cause *breath* you’re *breath* no *breath* angel *breath* either *breath* baby… *beat drops* How many Beyonce remixes could I work into the […]

#SundaySounds – Thinking About Your Stare

Ahhh we is back! I’ve actually had this playlist sitting on ice since last week, but my internetz went out last week cause Comcast hates me or hates the hood in which I reside, but whatevs, I couldn’t get the post up in time. So here you go a brand new shiny #SundaySounds playlist with […]

#SundaySounds – An Ode to Send It On

I had an amazing headache yesterday, I’m a bit more than stressed as I plan for this book launch. Girl, can I tell you how daunting the task is, to like release something you’ve been sitting on for over five years for the world to judge…okay let’s rephrase that in a glass half full way. […]

#SundaySounds – British Takeover

Finally a #SundaySounds video posted on a Sunday! This one is going to be an ode to British Deep House/R&B with a few artists who make me feel like “what have I been doing with my life?” First up is Monsieur Adi, who was featured in my first #SundaySounds and in my #GrownWomanJeans video. He […]

#SundaySounds – Jouelzy’s Music Favs 6/8

Back with another #SundaySounds, a playlist of my fav songs for the week. I was roadtripping through Texas last week so missed last Sunday, but now I’m back! Be sure to comment below or tweet me with some of your fav songs. Enjoy! King is a group of three women out of California: twin sisters […]

#SundaySounds: Jouelzy’s Music Favs of the Week

After working in the music industry for eight years and still being very passionate about music, I miss it, even though I don’t miss the bs of the industry. So we’re going to loop more into my channel. I constantly am asked about the music I feature in my videos, which until recently, was almost […]