How to Write & Self-Publish A Book

Almost two years ago I self published my first book, Send It On, a collection of short stories. I am a horrible self-promoter and haven’t spoken much about the book or the process behind publishing. Since every one can’t get a land a book deal like your favorite YouTubers, I’m here to give you a very highly […]

Turning Your Ideas into an Online Shop | Tech Tuesday

Since launching the #SmartBrownGirl line of t-shirts and sweatshirts, I’ve been receiving questions about how did I take an idea, produce and then sell it. So I dedicated this #TechTuesday to answering all those questions and providing a few extra tips to help folks get their ideas off the ground and selling. 1. is […]

#JouelzyTech: Tips for Good SEO & Why Online Branding is BS

I ain’t forget about you doh! Tech Tuesdays (or Thursdays or whatever day I actually get to hitting the publish button) is back at. #JouelzyTech is ready to roll. I’ve been unduly slacking, but I loves you and so this tech video is finally one for all peoples, just not YouTube content creators. We’re talking […]

Tech Tuesdays: Tips on Building a Successful YouTube Channel & Growing Your Audience

Second video in my #jouelzytech tip series. I’ll be catching up soon! Life man, sometime it just gets ahead of you. But here’s my tips on building a successful youtube channel and working towards growing your audience. When should you start your channel? Whenever you want! There’s no better time than now. Don’t stress about […]

Catch Up!: #JouelzyTech | YouTube, Networks & Google+

Did you miss my first #jouelzytech Tweet chat? I got you covered, here is the feed with the most pertinent info I discussed. You can also check the #jouelzytech hashtag on Twitter for some of the additional commentary and questions that I answered. Be sure to catch the next one, every 3rd Tuesday of the […]

Tech Tuesdays: Tips & Info on Joining YouTube Networks While Being a Brown Girl

In honor of Black History Month, every Tuesday I’ll be posting a video on Technology and using the Internets to your benefit for the month of February, culminating with a tech tweetchat on Tuesday, February 18th @ 7:30pm EST! First video up was inspired by Chescaleigh’s How YouTubers Make Money video, where I left a […]