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Tech Tips

How to Write & Self-Publish A Book

Almost two years ago I self published my first book, Send It On, a collection of short stories. I am a horrible self-promoter and haven't spoken much about the book or the process behind publishing. Since every one can't get a land a book deal like your favorite YouTubers, I'm here to give you a very highly requested #TechTips post, on how to write and publish your own book! 1. Writing I think a lot of people have some pretty dope storylines that they could put to paper, but they’re allowing their insecurities to overwhelm them. That’s one of the underlying missions
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The Fear of Success | #SmartBrownGirl

The fear of success is a peculiar feeling to try and articulate, though it is something that many of us deal with multiple times in our life journeys. Its been an ongoing thing for me, and a constant conversation of half sentences and mumbled words trying to place exactly what this insecurity is, what is this waning feeling... The latest manifestation has come about as #SmartBrownGirl continues to grow. I started my YouTube channel, in all sincerity, for free weave and here 3 years later, I'm doing something that I never set out to do nor ever thought could be
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