The Side Eye That Changed the Culture: Gloria Richardson

One of the most iconic pictures of a Black woman doing what she does best, with a simple glance letting you know she has the time and is not one to mess with because she will always stand and fight for the rights of her people, is Gloria Richardson giving the illest side eye while […]

Donald Trump in Context & the Resources You Need

Donald Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th president. It will always hurt to say that. I did a video on the early morning after election night where I let my high emotions show through. Since then I have mentioned in different wavelengths my unwillingness to accept Trump or anyone who aligns themselves with him without […]

Are We Misappropriating the Term ‘Hotep’?

This article was originally published on At the time of publication there were a number of people offended by what they read as me saying that Ausar Auset Society and its founder were misogynistic and homophobic. This is not what the article states. The consternation comes from the fifth and sixth paragraph which names […]

Being Mary Jane S4E1 Review: Too Much Sex in the New City

Originally published on Being Mary Jane is back for a fourth season, and Mary Jane Paul is still pompously lacking in self-awareness. While we open to M.J.’s 6-inch heels sauntering down the hallway to a sexy song, it doesn’t take long for M.J. to almost completely unravel in her most vulnerable space: her sexuality […]

Thank You Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

What some will never understand is the daily strength it takes to be a Black woman, in a space history has dictated is only for white women.  Last week, we saw the last day we got to live through Barack Obama as our sitting president.But more importantly and more saddening is that was the last day Michelle Obama […]

Thank You White People…

Thank you for reminding the world how much you hated me. I had hope in America and we know that hope is a powerful drug. Cold turkey, I am now hopeless. Thank you.

Do You Have to Vote?

This election is triggering for many people, myself included. To wake up and watch a demagogue reignite white nationalism having a vocal place in American politics is frightening. You wake up in a world that ostensibly hates your being. Your congenial neighbor’s privilege blinds them from seeing how they are attempting to snuff you out. […]

Review of Ava Duvernay’s Documentary 13th

Ava Duvernay’s talent is unmistakable. 13th (released on Netflix) is a beautifully depressing historical look at the criminalization of Black people in America, which holds 1/4th of the incarcerated population in the world. 13th is absolutely heavy, almost a reverse catharsis. Part of me is deeply relieved that a Black woman came through and did what Tariq […]

Birth of a Nation Is A Mediocre Snoozefest

Folks are tiring of the conversation around Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation, a film that started out this year with much hype and has since been marred in controversy. Previously I published a video analyzing the Penn State rape case that involved Parker and his BOAN co-writer Jean Celestin in the late nineties. Since this conversation […]

To Celebrate the Regular Black Girl : Solange’s A Seat At The Table | Review

Solange’s new album is a wonderful tableaux of the simplicity, complexities, vulnerabilities and the intersections of Black women. An art piece, that sits not only in the hallway of good music but as we or they say is “sonically pleasing.” It enwraps you in an experience. A Seat At The Table is a story, were […]

Gabby Douglas and the Damning of Black Women

Originally published on In her two Olympic appearances, Gabby Douglas has ignited much discussion, both for her accomplishments and for what others perceive as her less-than qualities. On the very shallow end, we have the comments made about her edges—which, when you have a certain texture of natural hair, no matter how much you […]

Stop Thanking Your Haters

How many of us dream of our day of success as if it’s is accepting an award in front of an audience like at the Oscars or the Grammys. Where we envision ourselves walking up the stage as the crowd below claps in applause for us. We have our acceptance speech all written out, after […]

Tips On Surviving Brokeness While in College and/or Adulting

According to Instagram everyone is living the carefree life. We work hard, play hard and slay while we do it. In reality many of us are staying quiet about our financial struggles. Some of us are making the wrong sacrifices to keep up and all of us are just trying to figure a way out […]

Let’s Dead This Convo on African Americans Appropriating African Cultures

It has been about a year to the date when the internet was taken by storm when a young British Nigerian told African Americans to stop cultural appropriating African culture. She was ignited by a picture from AfroPunk of some melanin rich folks rocking wears from the diaspora. And the conversation has kept on going […]

AncestryDNA Results with My Dad

AncestryDNA is the third genealogy test that I’ve done,  after previously doing 23AndMe and African Ancestry. This time around I asked my father to take the test with me so we could compare our results. Not that I thought we would find anything new, we are African American and beige, so it’s a guarantee that we […]