Tech Tuesdays: Tips on Building a Successful YouTube Channel & Growing Your Audience

Second video in my #jouelzytech tip series. I’ll be catching up soon! Life man, sometime it just gets ahead of you. But here’s my tips on building a successful youtube channel and working towards growing your audience. When should you start your channel? Whenever you want! There’s no better time than now. Don’t stress about […]

Catch Up: First Live Q&A

YouTube shaded the ish out me, but we continued on and I had a pretty successful Live Q&A via Google Hangouts. Thanks for the support, questions and engagement ladies. I love talking to you! Check back next month for my monthly Q&A on March 26th (day after my birthday!!!) at 7:30pm EST. In the future […]

Catch Up!: #JouelzyTech | YouTube, Networks & Google+

Did you miss my first #jouelzytech Tweet chat? I got you covered, here is the feed with the most pertinent info I discussed. You can also check the #jouelzytech hashtag on Twitter for some of the additional commentary and questions that I answered. Be sure to catch the next one, every 3rd Tuesday of the […]

Tech Tuesdays: Tips & Info on Joining YouTube Networks While Being a Brown Girl

In honor of Black History Month, every Tuesday I’ll be posting a video on Technology and using the Internets to your benefit for the month of February, culminating with a tech tweetchat on Tuesday, February 18th @ 7:30pm EST! First video up was inspired by Chescaleigh’s How YouTubers Make Money video, where I left a […]

#BTVF: Interview w/ Jovian Zayne [Teach for America]

Beyond the Valencia Filter [#BTVF] is a new series, where I’ll be showcasing people who have reached success that isn’t often portrayed in the social media infatuated world where success means jet setting, exotic locations and heavily filtered pictures. My first feature is Jovian Zayne, Managing Director of Teach for America. This is a two […]

Jouelzy’s Book List 2013

Finally, I have succumbed to your requests. Here is a book recommendation video! It’s a list of about 10 books that I made sure to keep diverse and eclectic. I don’t have a true blue favorite book list, because there are just too many great books in the world and you should never stop reading! […]

#AskJouelzy: Dating, Virginity & HIV

Here is the first video in my new #AskJouelzy series! Girl, some of the questions I received where just….dear lawd, Imma pray for y’all. I didn’t intend for this to turn into a ratchet episode of Iyanla Vanzant, but it just went cause like someone has to tell you to love yourself first and stop […]

On Watching Your Parents Age…

There are facts of life. Natural progressions that we all know are to come one day. I know that as I grow and come of age so do my parents. I always knew that they were to get older and so I’ve placed them in my future memories of growing old, but more of a […]

4 Tips for College Students

Hi, I’m Jouelzy and I care about the babies. I also can’t stand the treacherous Sallie Mae and I thought I would impart some words of wisdom onto the youngins. If you’re a parent with a young adult child, share this video with them too! I’m not that far off from my college years, though […]

On Dealing w/ Hurt Feelings: A Long Ass Note…

I posted a snippet of this on Instagram the other day. If you didn’t know, now you know. I is crazy. I give not a single fuck. I’m going to live how I want to live and that’s just it. I believe in honesty. That’s how I communicate. That’s how I choose to deal. And […]

On Beauty & Self-Esteem

I haven’t updated this blog in a minute! I promise I’m going to get better. Life has been super hectic and I’m not the best with time management. I always feel like I can be doing so much more, but somehow I end up in bed and fall asleep. I moved to DC, started a […]

On Moving On: Perpendicular Contradictions

I guess it’s time for me to post the second part to On Rape: Perpendicular Contradictions. I’m more trepidatious about posting this part because it’s so surreal as is most of my life when I set out to retell it to other people. It doesn’t all make sense, though in the moment – as I lived it […]

On Rape: Perpendicular Contradictions

I wrote a book a while ago. Well started to write one, mostly about my emotional experiences around coming of age in New York City. It’s a grand city that with all it’s new life experiences will smuggly take so much from you. I still love it, as I assimilated fast to the cultural syncapation […]

Connecting the Dots: Steve Jobs & Living for You (Redux)

Another personal post. This one is real to me, I re-read it and it brought back so many emotions and thoughts. This happened a year ago and in that year I’ve lost friends in a way more touching way then this. Like I really lost a friend in the physical sense and to this day it still […]

A Means to an End

In a past life I use to write alot. I have a compilation of short stores, mostly dealing with relationships that one of these days I’m going to finish and maybe publish, that I have finally published. Send It On, is a collection of short stories available for purchase here. Last week’s episode of Scandal reminded me […]