Ghana is 61! All My Ghana Travel Vlogs

Today is Ghana’s 61st Independence Day. Winter of 2015 I spent seven weeks there after a work trip to Togo. I didn’t really do a good job compiling all my travel vlogs but since I’m knee deep in *that* review, today was the perfect day to get the list together.

  1. My first impressions after my trip to Togo, during the beginning of my stay in Ghana.
  2. The general overview of my trip: My 7 Week Trip to Ghana as an African American.
  3. I found eating with my hands enjoyable! The food took me a bit longer to come around to, but I love trying new things so the experience was great: On Trying Ghanian Food.
  4. All my travel and tip videos are here in this playlist. There are about seven videos in total, from vlogs to tips on where you should DEFINITELY get your hair braided at.

Ok, I’m off to discuss whether Killmonger is right or wrong….🙃


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