2017 has been a wild year and we’re not even done yet. In the midst of the chaos, in various ways I’ve been stressing the value of friendships. Having a strong inner core, is so necessary in these times. Finding inexpensive ways to travel together, can be a really awesome experience. I’m that friend that just wants to eat their way through the city and I convinced my homegirl to do that with me in Chicago. If you follow me on SnapChat, you witnessed me achieving my goal + some. I lived, I loved and it was everything. Then in the name of being Bourgie Black Friends, we decided to meet back up in Philadelphia for Diner En Blanc.

Going to Philly is a win for me, because my Dad and brother live in Delaware, so I get to see some friends have family time in one trip. It’s all things grand in Black love and joy. That’s where the new 2017 Mazda6 Grand Touring came in, as I was able to test drive it during my time in Philadelphia, zipping between the suburbs of Pennsylvania, downtown Philly and Delaware. I did my very first car review on the 2015 Mazda6 and I am still ecstatic about the car. It’s just nice from beginning to end, inside and out. The trim on the interior, the intention of the smooth lines on the outside of the car. It’s a nimble precision. And the car still allows you to feel like you’re stunting without killing your bank account.


I packed a bunch of friends in the car to go from, girl I don’t know even know where in the hills of PA we were but it was 45 minutes to South Street. And we were all comfortable, even as we argued over what food to eat. (I live in Texas, if I visit you in and it’s not the Southwestern United States, don’t take me for Mexican, puh-lease.) Bose speakers mean we got to have a lit karaoke jam session on the drive back, to our fav ’90s R&B songs. (I will ALWAYS be Monica when the Boy is Mines comes on). And with 35MPG, I only put gas in the tank once over an interstate-driving weekend.

My Dad, especially love the car ride, when I took him out to lunch. Doesn’t he look so cute?