This should have been up yesterday but retrograde gonna retrograde and here we is. I can still feel accomplished I didn’t skip a week and combine reviews, that this is for one whole episode that was really good.

Cato is forced to enter into a deal with Patsy that has him kidnapping free Black man into slavery so she can sell them for $3 a pop. Unbelievable. He does this in the name of protecting his British lover Devi and it’s so many holes in how we got here that I’m just flummoxed. But for all the critiques I have, I do appreciate the heightened action that Cato’s storyline provides. I’m just wondering where did all those abolitionist go that were at his house so he could formally introduce himself to the society?

Rosalee and Clara are doing the absolute most trying to get everyone killed because they have diluted tunnelvision. Am I the only one who cackled when James started screaming cause he didn’t want to leave the big house? I don’t know how¬†Rosalee thought she could pull off this flimsy scheme in the first place. Than Clara turns straight devilish this episode with her eyes on taking the life out of Ernestine. But Stine is the one who taught Clara the game, she can’t be taken down that quickly. As whacky as Clara taking that sharp left into villianhood is, any change¬†for Stine to deliver a monologue is a great opportunity. Amirah Vann plays the sh*t out of that role.

Has anyone figured out what/who is Daniel? How does his character tie into the rest of the storyline?

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