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Underground Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Review | @UndergroundWGN

I heard you, I heard  you, so here we is. I have figured out a way to give you what you want and show my gratitude for my awesome audience of #SmartBrownGirl. I will be reviewing Underground on my blog. It took me a minute to get on board and this week is my birthday, hence the late post and I don’t know if I will be able to get a review up for episode 3 tomorrow. But let’s get on with the show and have a ki with episode 1 and 2 of WGN’s Underground. Play the video and comment below on the blog.

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  • Mak Mon

    Ok, so I’m here. I was shocked when John was killed. I guess because I’m used to Hollywood endings that he would remain alive to do some good. I’m watching episode 3 as I’m writing this. Stine is suffering, and I want her to snap out of it. Thank you for doing a review, and happy birthday!

    • Thank you! I have to get home to catch up on episode 3, I def think Stine’s story line might be the most interesting of them of all.

  • Nicey

    i definitely feel you on the Hotep lesson. It’s so obvious. That first scene where he hits her over the rice after dealing with the overseer had me rolling my eyes.

  • Great review thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yes I agree about Stine and the writers may have been thinking the same thing, or I may be reaching lol. It is going to be interesting to watch her story unfold. Happy Birthday ♥

  • Milla

    I believe Bokeem Woodbine’s character is Ernestine’s first son that was taken from her.

    • Jasmine

      I’m thinking that too based of what French said “I’m not gonna let them take this one” or something along those lines

    • That is a GOOD theory! I never even considered that.

    • ♎Lauren♎

      Yoooo that would be so crazy.

  • Kristen D. Bennett

    Thank you for finding a way to give us what we want because I loved your reviews from season 1. I’m in total agreement with you on how the season is moving thus far. I feel like the writers are setting us up for something… just not sure what that something is quite yet.

    • Batise Braxton-Mcmanus


  • Batise Braxton-Mcmanus

    I watched ep 3 too so I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Stine is going through it and I am feeling bad for her spiraling out. I like what you said out how they are portraying Harriet Tubman, the are handling it in a way not to make it cartoony.

  • LeShawndra Stevens

    I’m waiting to see episode 4 cuz 3 stressed me out. But I do agree with what you said about Stine (which I think is pronounced Steen based off her full name lol). And I honestly wish she would snap out of this trance she’s in. You didn’t acknowledge her conscious aka Pearly Mae & Sam’s daddy haunting her. When Pearly Mae showed up 😩 Honey I was out. Thanks for posting & Happy Birthday!

    • I cut it out the video by mistake, talking bout Pearly Mae.

  • Danielle Anderson

    I love this jump video format, and how it seems like everyone is better off. I always wondered why people don’t use it more. I hope the responses is equal to the requests for you, Jouelzy. I don’t watch Underground, but I stayed for the whole review to support.

    • Don’t use what more? You mean how they edit the scenes in Underground? Yes, I don’t the response will be equal to the requests but this is more about my core audience.

  • C.H

    I really feel bad for Stine. I need her to get it together. Also I like how the writers are adding more perspective to the story lines by bringing the dead characters into scenes. My heart can’t take it! It’s too much. Patiently waiting for episode 4.
    I also need Rosalee to sit down somewhere once she make it back to safety lol.